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St. Louis Rams 10, Cleveland Browns 3: Rams Offense Electric In Shootout

Everything is going according to plan for the St. Louis Rams as they lead the Browns by a touchdown at the half.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Jeff Fisher offense questions 2015 preseason

That was St. Louis Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher in the preseason fielding a question as to whether his offense was experiencing some issues that should raise concerns. As you can see, Fisher alluded to the repeated questions about his offenses in St. Louis which have ranked in the bottom third of nearly all offensive team statistical categories.

He said the offense was coming.

Today, it came.

QB Nick Foles exploded in the first half for 64 yards going 7 for 14. Masterful.

Rookie standout RB Just Todd Gurley amazed with 45 yards on 9 carries. Surprisingly, the Browns did not forfeit at the half.

The promising trio of Rams receivers in Brian Quick, Kenny Britt and Stedman Bailey have combined for 0 receptions for 0 yards on 0 targets. No word on how many first-round picks teams are willing to give up to trade for any one of them.

Jared Cook? Screw the Pro Bowl. Put him directly in the Hall of Fame.