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Random Ramsdom 21 OCT: Barron to Start at OLB

Some unexpected shuffling after the bye...That injury report needs to SHRINK

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

StL Should Pack House for NFL Town Hall | 101 ESPN

The Irony here is strong. Pack the house to show your support... or the NFL will just do as it damn well pleases anyway.

Dave Peacock and company have made more headway than San Diego’s and Oakland’s individual efforts combined, but many predict the league will do as it pleases, rules and common sense be damned.

STRONG Piece from Bernie | 101 ESPN

I love Bernie, and he paints the StL sports scene better than anyone else. READ THIS.

Bradford-Foles Winner? | 101 ESPN

Much like the RGIII trade, there is no clear winner here...yet

Wait.... Gurley isn't 100% | AP

Damn. The NFL better watch out for this kid.

Rams Near-Unanimous Pick vs Browns | Bleacher Report

Props to Doug for getting the headlines here!

Fisher not Interested in USC Job | ProFootball Talk

Old news, but this intrigued me.

Fisher said he’s not interested in the job, citing a commitment to Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

It's easy to note that he doesn't cite a commitment to St Louis.

Big Names on Injury Report | ESPN

Get well soon, Rams

Browns WR Bowe will be a non-Factor |

After signing a big deal this offseason, he has yet to catch a pass for the Browns.

Haden in Concussion Protocol | PFT

Much like fellow UF CB Janoris Jenkins, both players' status for Sunday's game is in question.

Barron to Slide to OLB? | Twitter

Sorry Jo-Lonn, Barron is getting the first shot at this gig.