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Random Ramsdom 2 OCT: Gurley Adapting, Tough Matchup Awaits

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Rams on Wrong Side... | Bleacher Report

With 2 top 10 defenses on the field, the D will be getting the love this Sunday in Arizona. Bleacher Report says the best defensive performance of Week 4 will be in this game. Too bad it's not the Rams.

Gurley Ready to Get Back to the Field | StL Today

Hopefully he can get some better blocking against the Cardinals

Gurley: Whole Offense is New to Me |

This sounds familiar.

Demoff Knows Team is Letting Fans Down | St Louis Business Journal

"As fans, I don’t know how they manage through the emotional process," Demoff said recently at a Washington University panel on the business of sports.

"Everything we do is to build an emotional connection to the fan base. Fans hate hearing about the business of sports. There are so many fans who I feel like we are letting down no matter what the outcome is because they feel differently today (about the team) than they did a year ago, and we feel responsible for that."

Say what you will about Fisher, Snead, and $tan... Rams COO Kevin Demoff gets it.

Major Fatigue | Cover 32 Rams

Spoof of Major League. Worth a look.

Ellington, Iupati Limited | ESPN

Expect both to suit up, but I like the idea of Iupati at <100% vs the Rams DL

Rams Prepping for Fitz | ESPN

He may not beat you deep anymore, but the now veteran receiver can still be a dominant force in a game.

Battle Royale in Trenches | FOX Sports

#SackCity is tied for the league lead in sacks. The Cardinals have only allowed a single sack. Whoever wins this battle likely wins the game.

Foles Faces Stiff Test | FOX Sports

Patrick Peterson, Tryrann Mathieu and Co. will provide a challenge for a struggling StL Pass Offense.

Gurley Eager but Patient | FOX Sports

He doesn't care about touches and wants to win. So do we, kid. So do we.

Foles #22 in QB Rankings |

How high would he be if his receivers caught the catchable balls and the Rams were 2-1?

Breaking Madden: RGIII Gets His Revenge | SB Nation

If you need a laugh to kick off your Friday, read this.

Fitz, Peterson Routinely Roast Rams | Arizona Sports

The 2 most physically gifted players on the Cardinals often play well vs the Rams. This is another Crucial Matchup to watch.