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Man Crush Monday: Trajectory of the Rams in Question

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Rams - as we all know - were on a bye in Week 6. Whether it be from outstanding performances, a complete flop, or an ideal around the team, I usually focus on performance on some level. Today I'm taking a completely different approach.

The stigma surrounding the team throughout the preseason and including the first 5 games has been one of confusion.

  • They can beat the (2x defending NFC Champion) Seahawks and Cardinals (undefeated at the time), but not the Redskins.
  • The Offensive Line can Protect Nick Foles and Todd Gurley, but not in the same game.
  • They constantly play to the level of their competition, and as a fan it's infuriating.

So - fellow TSTers - I pose a simple question to you. Is the team closer to the Playoffs or regime change? To be 100% clear, I'm not asking which you want to happen, as that is obvious. I'm asking which you think will happen first.