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VIDEO: College Gameday's Lee Corso Pegs Jeff Fisher To Head Back To USC As Head Coach


Lee Corso: USC man. Michigan men. [Jim] Harbaugh was not gonna leave the pros either except for his school. I think Jeff Fisher would go to his school and build them back up. That's what I think. If [USC] follow Michigan's lead, they might be successful.

Kirk Herbstreit: Jeff Fisher would be a great fit if he'd leave.

Rece Davis: You see time and time again that fit doesn't necessarily mean that you have to have been from the school, but you have to appreciate what it's about. The culture. The tradition. And certainly Jeff Fisher is a guy who is steeped in USC tradition and I'm sure a lot of Trojan people would enjoy that if they could pull that off.

Well, at least we have something to think about here.

Jeff Fisher. USC Trojan, 1977-1980. Could he return 25ish years later to resurrect the program? At least we can toy around with the idea...