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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Bye Week at 2-3

It's time yet again to rate Jeff Fisher.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Since this is a bye week, there is no hurry for you to express your love, hate, affection, dislike and other feelings towards Head Coach Jeff Fisher. But the time has finally come.

After the schedule was released, a 2-3 record was almost inevitable through the first five games. Some surprises did happen along the away: getting destroyed by Washington and beating Arizona in Phoenix are the two that jump out. I’m not too surprised by the outcome of the other three games: Seattle at home is always a close, tough game; Steelers are a good team; Packers are…well, they’re still undefeated.

Heading into the bye week, how would you rate Jeff Fisher’s coaching performance? Remember: think of everything from the preseason until now, with a heavier emphasis on the last contest versus Green Bay.

Usual rankings:

1-Fire him

10-He invented sliced bread

The schedule from here out gets a little easier, for at least for the next couple games with home matchups versus beatable opponents in the Browns and the division rival 49ers.

We’ll be back to review Jeff Fisher’s performance after the Browns’ game, hopefully with the Rams sitting at .500.