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Random Ramsdom 16 OCT: Roster Shaken Up on Bye

Not much fluff today. Straight and to the point.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Use Bye to Heal and Work OL | 101 ESPN

Which needs attention with Saffold on IR.

Fairley Still Looking for Fit | ESPN

The Rams premier UFA acquisition has done well in limited opportunities. But it's not secret that he isn't going to be taking any snaps at the 3-technique from Aaron Donald.

OL Working to Improve in Pass Pro | ESPN

Good. If Foles and Gurley can get going at the same time, we may score more than 10 PPG. YAY!

Kendricks has Thumb Surgery | CBS Sports

Apparently he had been dealing with the injury since Week 1.

Garrett Reynolds to Fill in for Saffold | FOX News

Lets hope the Rams UFA addition to the OL mix is up to this challenge.

Britt Supporters won't Like This... | PFF

PFF has Britt with a 15% drop rate. That's unacceptable - especially with Stedman on the pine...

Gurley not Quite in the ROY Race - Yet | PFF

Keep an eye on this. But as of now they don't list him in their top 10. #bullshit

Foles Regroups | STL Today

After the worst game of his career, Foles keeps moving forward.