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Random Ramsdom 15 OCT: Random Indeed

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Rams Need to Figure out Passing Game | 101 ESPN

Credit Foles for taking ownership of the issue, but it issue here is mainly the pass protections. Otherwise Nick Foles and Just Todd Gurley may not survive the season.

State Funding Running into Opposition | AP

The battle for state funds for a new Stadium continues in the Missouri House of Representatives

Mason Focused on Staying Ready | ESPN

Tre Mason has been underutilized to say the least, but he's not letting that keep him from being ready to go at any time.

Long to Miss "a couple-three weeks." | Bleacher Report


Breakdown of STL Stadium Naming Rights Deal | ESPN

That's just another example of the reason Kroenke wants to move to Los Angeles in the first place. Simply put, there's more money to be made there.

Saffold Could be Done for Year | Bleacher Report

Sad Face.

Offense What We Expected | ESPN

And that's not good enough. Shoring up the OL is the only way to improve.

Could Fisher be Pursued by USC? | ESPN In$ider

Stranger things have happened.

Rams on Jeff Fisher Pace | Football Outsiders

8.0 win projections sound spot on for Jeff Fisher's Rams right now.

Legatron Confident | FOX Sports

Greg Zuerlein knows he has a big boot.

Gurley's "Signature Move" | FOX Sports

He's using the stiff arm superbly through his first 3 games.

Rams Still Contending...Sort of |

They haven't been written off yet. That's a start right?

DL Rankings | PFF

#1 Denver - 10.8+45.5=56.3
#2 St Louis - 30+28=58

Last I checked 58>56.3... you'd think these guys would be better at math.

Tavon Has Zero Drops | PFF

One of 9 WRs in the NFL without one.