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Random Open Thread, 10/13: Playoff Baseball, Tarantino Flicks, & Gurley for Presid...ROTY?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening, St. Louis Rams’ fans.  Hoping this Tuesday evening finds you well.  Let’s chat.

You mad, bro?

So the Cardinals definitely did not win against the Cubs tonight and that marks the end of the season for the team in St. Louis.

Interestingly enough, Missouri and Illinois - where both of those teams play [believe it or not] - are very close to one another.

If you’re a fan of baseball, did your team win tonight?  And if they didn’t, the comments section is where you complain about Siegrest or somebody.  It’s where I lend an ear.

So About that Mason Post...

I understand the internet and social media [sorta].  So I can understand how context can sometimes be lost online.  And earlier today I posted an article about Tre Mason and his absence in the Rams’ offense thus far in the 2015 season.

Some seemed to get the/my sentiment, and others seemed to get...well, infuriated.  Again, it’s the internet.  The "world wide web," as Christopher Columbus called it.

But, to clarify, I wasn’t suggesting the Rams simply take carries away from Todd Gurley, who is clearly a machine, and hand them over to Mason.  More so, I was questioning why Jeff Fisher is noncommittal to Mason - last year’s 3rd round selection - as an option while Gurley takes a breather....instead of another carry.

Fisher seems to know that he’s overworking Gurley, but he doesn’t seem to know what he’s going to do to fix it.  That was my point.

Moving on...

Whatcha Doing This Weekend?

My wife’s going out of town to visit a friend of her’s in North Carolina.  At least that’s what she’s telling me.

My plan is to drink a bunch of beer and watch a bunch of football.  What’s yours?

Do You Like Tarantino Movies?

I’m slightly disappointed in myself for not knowing, but Quentin Tarantino has a movie coming out this Christmas called "The Hateful Eight."

I missed the trailer.  If you did too, here ya go...
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
A moment ago I asked if you liked Tarantino movies.  That was a silly question.  Of course you do.  Because you already know he wrote, or was featured in:

* Pulp Fiction
* Django Unchained
* Reservoir Dogs
* Inglorious Basterds
* Kill Bill[s]
* Planet Terror/Deathproof [Grindhouse]
* Jackie Brown
* From Dusk Til Dawn
* Putting this here for the angry folk that’ll say I missed one

Would You Rather...

Be able to FLY, or...


And I Should Probably Pose a Rams Question...

It’s simple.  I was perusing some old "Rookie of the Year" prognostications the other day, and there weren’t many [and by many I mean there were none] that picked Todd Gurley as a candidate.  He may have gotten a "keep your eye out for..." but was never actually selected.

Lots of folks were slurping on Melvin Gordon [meh], and Amari Cooper [mmhmm], so I can only assume it was the return from injury issue they anticipated.

Regardless, I have two questions:

1)  Can/Will Todd Gurley win the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award for the 2015 season?

2)  Do you think it’s possible he leads the NFL in rush yards?  [He’s on pace for nearly 1,500 at this point...he’s also on pace for 0 touchdowns].