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Transcript: Jeff Fisher Keeps It Short and Sweet After Practice On Tuesday

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

(Opening statement)
"What you try to accomplish here is to get young guys some valuable reps during the bye week that haven’t really gotten the reps. The backups need the reps. A lot of the starters need some reps here the first couple of days, so we take advantage of that. We even include the practice squad players with offense and defense, just to make sure that they’re ready at a moment’s notice. So, coaches got together and like I said, yesterday we looked at some things that we need to improve and we got a head start on it today. So, it was a modified practice, particularly because it’s Tuesday. But we’ll have two good sessions Wednesday and Thursday."

(On how the offensive line looked after G Rodger Saffold left the game with an injury)
"(G/T) Garrett (Reynolds) did fine. I mean, I said that on Monday. Garrett plugged right in. So, I was fine with the way he played. He was a settling factor and was cutting people downfield and finishing plays. Yeah, so I thought he was fine."

(On if they have started game planning for Cleveland or if this week is more self-scouting)
"We’re self-scouting this week. The coaches are ahead, but we’re just working on some things. Then, we had numerous mistakes on defense on the field, so we went through some of those just as a reminder, so they don’t come up. Then, we’re working on the first down stuff and polishing the run game. We rested (RB) Todd (Gurley) today for obvious reasons, like I said. But we have some technique things we need to work on, as far as special teams are concerned."

(On if he rested any other veteran players at practice today)
"Yes. Yeah, there were a number of them."

(On if he would list who he rested today)
"Probably not. I don’t have to put an injury report out until next Wednesday."

(On if he rested LB James Laurinaitis today)
"Yes, we rested James today."

(On if he rested TE Lance Kendricks today)

(On if he rested DE Robert Quinn today)
"No. Actually we did. I rested him a little bit. You guys took role out here didn’t you?"

(On if he rested DT Michael Brockers today)
"He was also one that did not participate today, yes."

(On if he only evaluates one game back or if he takes this time to evaluate all of the games)
"Well, it’s a body of work is what we’re looking at. Are there trends? That’s what we’re looking at right now. The trends are that we’re not making enough first downs on offense. Defense, we’re getting the turnovers. Offense, number-wise, we’re not giving up sacks, per say, but we’re giving up way too many hits on the quarterback, so those are things that we’re working on now."

(On if he needs to just tweak something a little to remedy the situation)
"You just keep working and refining. On any given play you can find a minor mistake. Those are the things we’re trying to correct. And even on plays where you make big plays - there’s a big run, a (RB Todd) Gurley run for 50 yards - there’s a mistake there someplace you have to eliminate."

(On if there’s any update on G Rodger Saffold)
"Nothing, no."

(On if they’re not finished with the tests on Saffold)

(On how good he feels about where the team is)
"We’re not satisfied with the record by any means. I think we’ve shown improvement and I think that some of the things that we did at Lambeau were impressive. Weren’t impressive enough to win the game, but I think we’re showing improvement and that’s the most important thing."

(On the one intangible thing about this team that makes him go, ‘This is why we’re improving’)
"It’s a short memory and it’s confidence in each other. They have a short memory. You’ve got to put it behind you and go. Go onto the next thing."