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2015 St. Louis Rams: A Glass Half Full?

The Rams may be 2-3, but there's plenty of reason for optimism. Here's why.

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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Admit it! Even though you're a die-hard St. Louis Rams fan - like me! - there was a sneaking doubt in all of us when it came to playing the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. You thought they could... It might be possible if.... I get it, and so do you if you're being honest with yourself. The thing is, if you watched the game closely, there wasn't a single moment I could find where this St. Louis Rams team looked "outclassed", or overwhelmed, by arguably the best team in the NFC...

A bad day at quarterback happens, and it came for Nick Foles against the Packers. Yet, two of his four interceptions can't be laid at Fole's feet as his fault. Still, even two interceptions isn't a good thing, right? Well, you could ask Aaron Rodgers, who threw two on Sunday too...

Injuries happen, but am I the only one impressed by how the Rams offensive line - which continues to struggle in pass protection - stepped up when the seeming inevitable sidelining of Rodger Saffold happened? Get ready Rams fans, because this offensive line is about to get shuffled. Line coach Paul Boudreau is going to have a busy bye-week. That said, even though this group gave up three sacks, and too many quarterback hits, the overall forward improvement is there. What's more, with back to back weeks of Todd Gurley hitting a buck-fifty-plus on the ground, opposing teams are FINALLY going to half to account for a Rams rushing attack. The run game and a passing attack go hand in hand. A simple play-action fake could turn the tide for this offensive line to gain the time they need to help Nick Foles - what I think is - down a VERY win-able nine game stretch coming up.

You heard it here first: Based on what I've seen - especially against Green Bay - the possibility of the St. Louis Rams emerging, after the December 17th game against Tampa Bay, at 10-4 is very, very real. What? NO! Turf Show Times doesn't have mandatory drug and alcohol testing for its writers? Why would you even... Oh, I get it!

Seriously though, look at the remaining schedule - courtesy of CBS Sports - and cinch up the 'ol thinking cap when you do...

Sep 13 Seattle Won 34-31 OT N. Foles (297) M. Lynch (73) J. Cook (85)
Sep 20 @Washington Lost 10-24 K. Cousins (203) M. Jones (123) J. Reed (82)
Sep 27 Pittsburgh Lost 6-12 N. Foles (197) L. Bell (62) A. Brown (108)
Oct 4 @Arizona Won 24-22 C. Palmer (352) T. Gurley (146) L. Fitzgerald (99)
Oct 11 @Green Bay Lost 10-24 A. Rodgers (241) T. Gurley (159) J. Jones (77)
Week 6 BYE
Oct 25 Cleveland 1:00 pm Tickets available from $17
Nov 1 San Francisco 1:00 pm Tickets available from $21
Nov 8 @Minnesota 1:00 pm Tickets available from $40
Nov 15 Chicago 1:00 pm Tickets available from $63
Nov 22 @Baltimore 1:00 pm Tickets available from $51
Nov 29 @Cincinnati 1:00 pm Tickets available from $21
Dec 6 Arizona 1:00 pm Tickets available from $22
Dec 13 Detroit 1:00 pm Tickets available from $18
Dec 17 Tampa Bay 8:25 pm Tickets available from $19
Dec 27 @Seattle 4:25 pm Tickets available from $51
Jan 3 @San Francisco 4:25 pm Tickets available from $41

Cleveland's Josh McCown is playing great right now, but this is the Browns we're talking about here, and they'll be coming to the Edward Jones Dome. San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit are struggling - to say the least - and Cincinnati has a history of folding as the season winds down. The Rams have Arizona IN St. Louis, where they tend to have a VERY hard time. The Minnesota game could be tougher than most think, and then there's the visit to the great Northwest hell-hole in Seattle. The Rams finish at San Francisco, in what could very well be Colin Kaepernick's swan song game in the Bay Area.

As St. Louis Rams fans, you and I know best laid plans are subject to that damn Murphy! Why his Law seems to peek its ugly head out with the regularity of a post Cheetos-bean dip- guacamole morning constitutional is something no one can really fathom. Well, $%#@ Murphy! I'm all in on this Rams team shocking the NFL world!

P.S. - The guy who sent me a coupon for a free rehab evaluation was really out of line. There's absolutely no way I have "slurred typing"? By the way, I get those in the mail all the time from Brandon Bate... Go Rams!