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St. Louis Rams 10, Green Bay Packers 24: Limp Offense, Foles INTs, Missed FGs Leaves Rams Wanting Yet Again In Big Gurley Performance


Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles completed 11 of 30 passes for 141 yards, one touchdown, but most importantly four interceptions. Just how much those interceptions were his responsibility and how much were on the backs of a receiving corps that clearly failed to create consistent separation or how much was on an offensive line that struggled mightily or how much was on a coaching staff that took a full quarter to find some kind of workable mix of Todd Gurley and not Todd Gurley is all up for discussion.

Speaking of Todd Gurley, he's just fun. But today's a good reminder of one of my core concerns when the Rams drafted him. If he goes for 159 yards as he did today, and the Rams still much does he really improve the team? What would Tre Mason have done today with 30 carries? It's not that Gurley wasn't a great prospect or now an exciting rookie. It's that even when he's playing very good football, the Rams' offense has much bigger needs elsewhere.

Kenny Britt.

Jared Cook.

Brian Quick.

Combined? Two receptions, 18 yards, 12 targets.

Tavon Austin? Three rushes, and just two receptions. That whole thing about OC Frank Cignetti getting him more involved certainly feels a bit inapplicable right now.

Greg Zuerlein? Today was his bad day. Perfect going in, he had his second FG attempt blocked and the subsequent pair were just clean misses.

And sure, credit the defense. They put together a very solid performance against a top opponent, but between the Steelers game and this one, the Rams just don't look like they can compete with playoff-caliber teams.

You know who can't compete with playoff-caliber teams? Teams that don't make the playoffs.

With a bye up to right things and a nice four-game schedule coming out after that, there's a good opportunity in the next month. But the Rams have a lot to look at this bye week and wonder why in year four under HC Jeff Fisher, things still look completely unacceptable on offense.