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St. Louis Rams 14, Green Bay Packers 10: Rams Intercept Aaron Rodgers Twice

The Rams picked off Aaron Rodgers twice in the first half at Lambeau and got enough out of Todd Gurley to make a game out of this.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a tale of two quarters.

The Rams struggled out of the gate, giving up a blown coverage TD to Aaron Rodgers via Ty Montgomery and a Nick pick-six.

But a Trumaine Johnson interception and a heavy dose of Todd Gurley with a sprinkling of Tavon Austin have the Rams withing striking distance.

Random things to consider with two quarters to play in Green Bay:

- Jared Cook is the fourth highest-paid TE in the NFL. He's making $8.35m this season. Rob Gronkowski is making $8.6m. The human body is not capable of laughing, crying and vomiting at the same time.

- You just have to keep running the ball, even if the line is struggling like they did early. It's like a shooting guard trying to get out of the slump. You have to do it with volume.

- Brian Quick has to make that play on the Rams field goal possession. It's what he's in the NFL for. Could the refs have called PI? Sure. Was it egregious? No. Make the damn play.

- One rush and three targets for Tavon is a little light.

- Jared Cook + Kenny Britt = 6 targets, 0 rec, 0 yards.

- This defense can play with anybody.  ANYBODY.

Go Rams.