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St. Louis Rams At Green Bay Packers: Live Open Thread

The 2-2 Rams take on the 4-0 Packers on Aaron Rodgers' turf.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

So here we are.

After a Week 1 season-opening victory over the Seahawks at home.

After a Week 2 Jeff Fisher Letdown Special on the road at Washington.

After a Week 3 offensive spiraldeath we know all too well against Pittsburgh of all teams.

After a Week 4 statement rebound win in Arizona.

We've done this. The ups, the downs. The impressive defense. The waning offense. The inconsistent defense. The inconsistent offense...

And now, we're here. Week 5 in Green Bay, sitting on a 2-2 record. The Rams either head into the bye 3-2 with optimism sprung anew or at 2-3 with questions lingering ahead of a softer spot in the schedule. It's not do or die.

Still, the opportunity afforded here is gargantuan. The Packers have inarguably gotten off to one of the best starts of any team in the NFL this season. A win here wouldn't just propel the Rams to the better side of .500. As misone explained yesterday:

A win at Green Bay can really set up some good momentum as the Rams enter the softer part of their schedule, before going right back into another gauntlet. Even if they win 3 out of the four games over that four week span, a win against the Packers would put them at 6-3, and right in the middle of the hunt. In fact, they could control their own fate.

It's known all too well the difference just one loss can make in the daunting NFC.

Time to control some fate.