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Rams vs Packers: What A Win Would Mean

The Rams have a lot riding on the game vs the Packers, here's a quick look at what it could mean to win...

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After a clutch road win over Arizona last week, the Rams now face what might be their toughest opponent of the season. Considering their own inconsistencies, it's easy to understand why the Packers are so heavily favored in this match up.

But there's so much more that the Rams can have work in their favor by winning. For the Rams it won't just be another win, but it could be a set up for success. The kind of success this franchise has not had in over 10 years.

By beating Green Bay, the Rams will enter their bye week 3-2. It has been widely viewed that the toughest part of their schedule was the first five games. This will be the conclusion of the that "gauntlet", so to speak. Many have said that a winning record at the end of this stretch could go a long way towards end of the season success.

Following the bye, the Rams have what can be argued as the most team friendly four game stretch this team has seen in the last five years. The following teams have a combined record of 5-11, as all have had struggling offenses, and sub par defenses.

  1. Cleveland
  2. San Francisco
  3. Minnesota
  4. Chicago

There's a legitimate opportunity to be had here. Obviously the toughest match up amongst the next four opponents is Minnesota followed by San Francisco. But it isn't out of the realm of possibility that the Rams win all four games. In fact, just based on these teams performances through the first four weeks, it seems more possible than not.

These games can also be used as primers. With a defense that has been playing some really good ball - and even mentioned by multiple teams as the best in the NFL in recent weeks - and an offense that has struggled and been inconsistent. This will be an opportunity to get the offense going as these teams have struggled to stop the opposition from scoring for most of the first quarter of the season.

The next three games after the four listed above, the Rams will have to play the Ravens, Bengals, and Cardinals, none of which can be viewed as a most likely victory. That's not to say they are viewed as most likely losses, but they are more of a toss up, that could easily work against the team, before it helps them.

A win at Green Bay can really set up some good momentum as the Rams enter the softer part of their schedule, before going right back into another gauntlet. Even if they win 3 out of the four games over that four week span, a win against the Packers would put them at 6-3, and right in the middle of the hunt. In fact, they could control their own fate.

It's known all too well the difference just one loss can make in the daunting NFC. Having an 8-8 or even a 9-7 record is not a guarantee for a playoff spot. Entering the back half of your schedule with an extra win or two can be all the difference. The game against Green Bay is where it all starts. The Rams have to steal some games from some good opponents to make it. They have already got one from Arizona, and nearly purloined one from the Steelers.

From the looks of things, the Seahawks are starting to build momentum and since the return of Kam Chancellor, no offense has touched the end zone. As of right now, the Rams own the tie breaker between the two teams. However, the 15th game will be played against Seattle in Seattle. An unexpected win or two prior to that game can go a long way and take a lot of pressure off the team.

They have one (via the win against Arizona), but can they get another...