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Random Ramsdom 1 OCT: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


Asked about the difference in adjusting to NFL, Todd Gurley said he's not used to being taken down by one tackler and was surprised by his inability to break tackles in his first game back. Expects that will change as he knocks the rust off.

- Nick Wagoner

Cardinals Offer Rams Insight | 101 ESPN

The vaunted 2012 draft is proving to be a disappointment, and the Rams Week 3 opponent provides a look at what a successful rebuild looks like.

Kroenke Starts Stalling | 101 ESPN

Well, at least SOME owners are considering the efforts the city of St Louis is putting forth.

If Florio is right, there’s a contingent paying attention to the league relocation guidelines that Kroenke treats like toilet paper. The guidelines require an owner to negotiate in good faith with a team’s current city, something at which Stan has failed miserably.

Rams Finally have a Top 10 Defense | AP

But they won't win many games unless the offense can stop being downright atrocious.

Foles Shoulders the Blame | AP

That's what leaders do, but everyone can see that he's doing his part. If you can't run, block, or catch.... the offense is going to be stagnant.

Ogletree Quickly Becoming a Stud | ESPN

He may struggle in coverage - which is odd for a converted safety - but weeks 1-3 have been somewhat of a coming out party for 'Tree

Seahawks Rip Rams ST Play | ESPN

The Seahawks ran the famed 'Mountaineer' play last week. Why can't Fisher embrace that type of creativity on Offense?

Rams Doing Better with Penalties? | ESPN

The Rams have 17 accepted penalties over the first three weeks, which is tied with four teams for seventh-fewest in the league.

JL55, Britt Sit Out Practice | ESPN

Chalk JL55's day off to a day of rest, but Britt is battling a shoulder issue.

Rams Continue to Drop in Rankings | Football Outsiders

Remember when the Rams were in the Top 5 after Week 1?

Cards Prep for Rams Pass Rush | FOX Sports

Yeah, they'll want to go MAX protect and keep Carson Palmer safem

Rookie RBs Going Off in 2015 | FOX Sports

Except Todd Gurley.

Will Quick Spark the Offense? | FOX Sports

Adding Gurley to the mix didn't solve anything... could Quick jump start the O?

3rd Down Struggles Bogging Down Offense | FOX Sports


Fisher: Gurley Close to Breaking Through | FOX Sports

Coach Speak Level 99

Honey Badger Doesn't Understand |

The Rams have the talent to be in the Super Bowl, right?