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Rams To Speak With Former 49ers OC Greg Roman

The Rams have received permission to speak with the Niners' former signal caller.

Don Feria/Getty Images

Well, we've got our first movement on the Rams' OC front:

It's certainly substantive at the least.

Two days ago, I was of the mind that the Rams might be behind the crowd seeking out Roman's services among the possible candidates. If nothing else, this signals that the Rams aren't all that far behind in at least being able to bring him into talks.

The real concern here would be the recent troubles of the 49ers' offense. The Rams' offensive personnel aren't the 49ers' offensive personnel, and all challenges are (relatively) singular, but the concerns should stick. The Niners went from 406 points in 2013 to 306 this season, dropping from the 11th best scoring offense to the 25th.

Things are rarely as simple as they seem though, so if this becomes more likely we'll get with Niners Nation and do some scraping of our own in the weeks ahead.