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NFL Playoff Weekend 2015 Draft Contest!!

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

OK, here's the deal: We need a contest to take our minds off the team moving drama, and to fill that little void in our Rams-less time this off season. So here's the theme: Pick ANY five CURRENT college players - who've declared (or are anticipated to declare) themselves eligible for the 2015 NFL Draft - to insert into the Rams, or your other favorite NFL team if you're dropping in from another site here at SBNation. Then give me the depth chart your choices would accomplish. You can't continue to make picks to round out other position needs if your team has them.


I'll have a guest to evaluate and choose the winner, so make sure you explain your choices and why they're the way to best fix your team. Since some of you will try your level best to find ways to slide in a free agent, or dream UDFA, just know your entry will be considered immediately null and void. Ties - people who choose the same players - will be decided on the explanation you give for your choices. A bad example would be: "Because he'll be a great quarterback". That isn't going to cut it. Show why a QB choice would better than Sam Bradford, and in what ways...

I haven't decided what the prize will be, but I'm leaning toward a certain TV series on DVD, or a copy of my newest book? Maybe both? My new book won't hit the market until April, but I think I can scrounge up a 1st edition... Now if I can just get Brandon Bate to sign it for you? His handwriting is better than mine, and he just finished an online calligraphy class...

If you don't know much about college players, take a quick look at, or This is just for fun, so give it a try!

Ready...Set... GO!