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Rams Issue Statement on Governor's Task Force Stadium Proposal

The Rams had a...terse statement following today's stadium proposal unveiling.

Here's what the Rams had to say following the unveiling of the stadium proposal from the Governor's Task Force:

The St. Louis Rams have worked for many years, with several agencies and commissions, and their senior management , responsible for stadium facilities in St. Louis. This includes multiple discussions with the Governor's recently formed NFL Task Force. We received the Task Force materials shortly before the press conference. We will review them and speak with the Task Force representatives.

Given that the team's owner hasn't been responding to calls from city officials ahead of today's event, nobody should have expected a lengthy statement to address each of the points laid out during the press conference nor the obvious gaps that weren't addressed in much detail.

It's just part of a process most of which will occur behind closed doors. Today is the rare glimpse into the inner workings of a process that will determine the future home of the Rams and the conditions for Los Angeles and St. Louis both of whom who are seeking to be that home in the near future.