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Random Ramsdom 1/9: Rams to Pursue Jameis?

Transitioning to off-season news.... and Kroenke drama. Fun stuff.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Could the Rams Pursue Jameis? | 101 Sports

Les Snead discusses the possibility of the Rams drafting former FSU Standout Jameis Winston

StL Leaders can't Reach Kroenk | AP

Apparently playing hardball includes not returning phone calls. Expect more drama like this in the coming months.

New OC Needs to Utilize Tavon | Bleacher Report

I think that this falls in the 'no duh' category....

Top Rams Needs | Bleacher Report

Do these people even watch the Rams? We have 3 starting caliber CBs. And how is QB not on the list?

Uncertaintly Doesn't Spook Fisher | ESPN

Jeff Fisher and Les Snead aren't worried about relocation rumors adversely impacting the Rams offseason.

Where the Rams need to Improve | Cover 32

Looking at the 5 areas that need the most improvement this offseason. Again... how does QB play not fall into this category?

Finding Schotty's Replacement Could be a Long Process | Cover 32

Fisher has a history of taking his time in finding staff members. Remember the DC search a few years ago??

Who Should Sell the Farm for Mariotta? | Football Nation

Apparently, the Rams...

Making the Case for Winstion over Mariotta | Football Nation

Rams Year in Review | StL

Looking at the highlights of the 2014 Rams Season. Game by Game timeline was also posted by the team.