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Fantasy Football Divisional Round: Weekly Advice

Take a look at our expert's FanDuel picks for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

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We are back for another round of FanDuel plays for the divisional round.  Last week, we hit on some of our cheaper picks, so I hoped you took advantage.  Here are the best options for this week. Pick and choose wisely;

  • Joe Flacco, $7,800 - He is the best cheap option, and I think the Pats are a tad better against the run.
  • Russell Wilson, $8,600 - The Panthers have been good against the pass, but look at who that was against. Plus, his game is not all passing.
  • Tom Brady, $9,100 - He is my top option for expensive QBs this week. The Ravens are just so awful against the pass with all their secondary injuries.
  • LeGarrette Blount, $5,700 - He will be the RB1 this week. There is a reason he was brought back.
  • Dan Herron, $6,100 - He may end up on a ton of lineups and does have fumbling issues, but he is too much of a bargain to pass up.
  • Eddie Lacy, $8,400 - Rodgers is a tad injured, and the Cowboys struggled against lesser RBs last week. I see a huge workload.
  • DeMarco Murray, $8,900 - The Packers have a bad run defense, and even if they fall behind, Murray never gets taken out.
  • Wes Welker, $5,200 - Manning cannot throw deep, so I can see a nice 6-62 line for Welker this week.
  • Doug Baldwin $5,900 - It's a great price for a WR1, and he usually makes a big play or 2 every game.
  • Julian Edelman, $7,300 - He should be the WR1 in a week where I see a ton of passes.
  • Dez Bryant, $9,000 - I like him the best of all the high priced WRs this week in what is expected to be a shootout.
  • Julius Thomas, $5,500 - He is not right, but with a week off, just his TD potential makes this too much of a bargain.
  • Rob Gronkowski, $7,900 - If you go a tad cheaper at WR, this is more than worth the price this week.
  • Connor Barth, $4,700 - He is my kicker for the week based on the struggles of the Denver offense and his usage rate the previous games.
  • Seahawks, $5,200 - At home against a very shaky QB?  I see no other real option this week.
Thanks for reading!

Fantasy Mike