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Random Ramsdom: Schottenheimer Going Back to School. Kroenke Is Snubbing St. Louis

Brian Schottenheimer will not return for a fourth season with the St. Louis Rams. Instead, he’ll be heading to the University of Georgia where he’ll take on the same role. Meanwhile, Silent Stan Kroenke is not returning calls from city officials...

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Schottenheimer On The Move

Schottenheimer Heads to Georgia |  St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

The Rams’ sideline will look a little different next season, as Brian Schottenheimer has agreed to become the offensive coordinator at Georgia.

What’s Next For the Rams [Video] |  ESPN

John Clayton talks about how the loss of Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator means to the Rams. He’s surprised Schotty took a job outside the NFL.

Fisher, Not Schotty, Is the Problem |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Brian Schottenheimer is leaving the Rams to become the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Georgia.  I wasn't a fan of the Schotty offense, and I certainly took some swipes at him.  But I think it's important to point something out.

A Sampling of Reactions to the Schotten-Hire |  Dawg Sports

Intelligent deliberation isn't social media's strong suit. That's why, as a prelude to the actual reasoned analysis* of the hire we'll post later, we now present a sampling of the reaction to the hiring of Brian Schottenheimer as the University of Georgia's new offensive coordinator.

Rams Not Likely to Rush Into New Coordinator Hire |  ESPN

As of late Wednesday afternoon, there wasn't much to know about the St. Louis Rams' now vacant offensive coordinator position.

Rams On The Move?

St. Lous Mayor:  We’re Getting Hint |  ESPN

City officials said Wednesday that the owner of the Rams isn't returning their calls, so they plan to work directly with the NFL on efforts to keep a team -- any team -- in St. Louis amid speculation the Rams are headed back to Los Angeles.

What Are Rams Fans To Do Now? |  St. Louis Post-Disptach

The good people at Rams Park who work hard to sell season tickets for 2015 have the toughest and most thankless sports job in town. So if they call you or send you an application in the mail to see if you are interested in buying some Rams tix, please be polite.

Rams Are Snubbing St. Louis |  Pro Football Talk

Silent Stan is giving St. Louis the silent treatment.

City Leader Says Kroenke Not Returning Calls |  Fox 4 KC

St. Louis city officials say the owner of the Rams isn’t returning calls, so they plan to work directly with the league on keeping an NFL team in town.

Governor Wants Rams In St. Louis |  ESPN

City and state leaders are committed to keeping the Rams in St. Louis but not at the expense of a "bidding war" with Los Angeles.

Would LA Welcome the St. Louis Rams?

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The Random

RBN’s Top 10 Videos |  St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

From being "wired" during the game to helping build playgrounds in the surrounding communities, here are ten videos highlighting the best of the Rams, both on and off the field.

PFF’s 2014 Offensive Line Rankings |  Pro Football Focus

The interior of the Rams’ offensive line let them down consistently in 2014, and will need to be a huge focus in the offseason.  That said, don’t plan on scrolling for very long to find the Rams on this list, which consists of all 32 NFL teams.  Not long at all...

The Rams Might Be Willing to Move in the Draft |  ESPN

This is a topic that we'll likely explore multiple times and much more in depth in the coming weeks and months, but lost in all the discussion of things like quarterback Sam Bradford at St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher's end-of-year news conference was a seemingly innocent answer to a more loaded question.  Nick Wagoner also points out that Jameis Winston might be out of reach for the Rams.

Kaepernick to Work With Warner This Offseason |

Colin Kaepernick has settled on his cadre of quarterback gurus this offseason, and the list includes a former Super Bowl MVP.

Florida State QB Winston Declares for 2015 NFL Draft | CBS Sports

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has decided to declare for the 2015 NFL Draft, despite reports earlier this week that he would wait to make a decision until after the College Football Playoff National Championship.

The All-Prisco Team |  CBS Sports

Pete Prisco, who gets to vote NFL’s All-Pro team each year, highlights his "All-Prisco" team for 2014.  Only one Ram makes the list, and it might not be the one you’d expect.  Actually, it probably is...