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Random Ramsdom: Coming Soon To A Los Angeles Near You

News of "Silent Stan's" Los Angeles stadium plans have been dominating NFL news these last few days and rightly so, but the playoffs are still scheduled for this weekend.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Bernie Miklasz is fed up-

I don't even want to cover this team next year

Likely, you have already heard the M.O.A.B blast of rumors, substantiated and otherwise about the Rams moving to Los Angeles. Long time sports reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bernie Miklasz is genuinely happy with that idea.

No wait. The other thing- he is fed the hell up and I completely agree with him.

Since I became a fan when they were in Los Angeles to begin with and since I do admit to some residual nostalgia for those years, I don't mind the idea of the Rams in LA...per se. I do mind the way it is happening. Make no mistake, this is just old fashioned blunt force trauma.

You may remember a while back, that the city of St. Louis had promised to make an offer to Stan Kroenke and the Rams. That has not materialized yet, but Stan, if you watch the news, St. Louis has had some other more important issues to contend with lately. It is more than a bit shady to capitalize on that situation. That proposal is still expected by the end of the month. Whether it will satisfy "Silent Stan" and the NFL will remain to be seen. It is very doubtful that St. Louis can win a bidding war with Los Angeles.

Then there is the manner in which this all went down- a bolt-from-the-blue announcement that you are going to build a new NFL stadium in Inglewood? There have apparently been a lot of talks with the mayor of Inglewood, but nearly nothing with the city of St. Louis or even the team? And no actual mention of moving the Rams to LA. I suppose it is technically possible that he intends to lease it out to the Raiders or Chargers...but no, that sounds silly even typing it.

The NFL can disallow this move for a couple of reasons- if the city of St. Louis makes a viable offer, Kroenke is obligated to accept it or if he applies for relocation all 32 team owners vote and 24 votes would be needed to get the go ahead.

"No team has applied for relocation and there will be no team relocations for the 2015 season," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said via email.  "We are committed to working towards having franchises that are strong and successful in their existing markets.  Any decision on relocation in 2016 or later is subject to approval by the 32 clubs.  An affirmative vote by 24 of 32 clubs (three-fourths) is required."

Or that may just all be a bunch of hogwash.

If "Silent Stan" wants the Rams in Los Angeles, he will get the Rams in Los Angeles. He has the cards and he just went all in.

I haven't even got to the worst part yet- lawsuits. Expect at least 557,000 of them. They will range from breech of contract to environmental impact and they will take years to settle. Bet on it.

The good news though, is you can now put down a deposit on your 2015 Rams season tickets.


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