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Random Ramsdom 1/6: Inglewood... Rams Relocation Resparked

Rumors have been steady for quite some time, but the announcement of an NFL stadium being built by Stan Kroenke in Inglewood, California has sparked some debate.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Monday Wrap-Up

--- LA Times: Rams Still Own 'LA Rams' Trademark ---
Unsurprisingly, as the Raiders also own their L.A. trademarks currently, but still a tidbit of knowledge.

--- Rams Owner to Build NFL Stadium in Inglewood ---
The big news of the day... surely a lot more will be heard here in time.

--- Business Insider: Rams Franchise Value Would Spike With Move ---
Obviously so, but the figures are impressive -- it clearly illustrates why a businessman would covet such a move so highly.

--- Rams May Stay in STL ---
A nugget of optimism for the ol' St. Louis faithful.

--- STL Today: Missouri Officials Will Fight for Rams ---
But how far will they go? Will it be far enough?


--- Bradford's NFL Future ---
Another offseason, another unhealthy dosage of  Sam Bradford questions.

--- Fox Sports: Rams' Free Agents, Lock them up or let them go? ---
Who should the Rams keep? Let go? Davin Joseph certainly doesn't make the cut.


--- Bleacher Report: Schottenheimer Would Be Perfect Georgia OC ---
Oh, really?

Draft Tracker

--- SB Nation: 2015 Mock Draft, what if Winston slips? ---
Even if Winston slips, Rams are still slotted as Collins.

--- CBS Mock Draft: Rams Snag Collins ---
The dominant opinion is the Rams will take an OT this year, but which one?

--- Profootballscout: Rams Select Scherff ---
Here's a mock draft with a slightly different, but still similar, outcome for the  Rams.

Player Spotlight: Tight Ends

--- Closing Evaluations: What grades do Rams' tight ends receive? ---
After a slow offensive season, how do Rams tight ends grade out?

Around the League

--- Blandino Denies Officiating Conspiracy ---
I'd hope he didn't AGREE with an officiating conspiracy.

--- Polamalu,  Harrison last games? ---
With that, we've possibly seen two quality careers come to an end.

Playoff Schedule

January, 10th: Ravens @ Patriots, 4:35 PM, EST
January, 10th: Panthers @ Seahawks, 8:15 PM, EST

January, 11th: Cowboys @ Packers, 1:05 PM, EST
January, 11th: Colts @ Broncos, 4:40 PM, EST