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St. Louis Rams: Is Schottenheimer In Line For Another Job?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to "Dawg Post", a University of Georgia site, Brian Schottenheimer is in the mix for their offensive coordinator slot. A source of mix reviews by Rams fans, he recently received the endorsement of head coach Jeff Fisher:

"I think Brian is an outstanding play-caller. Outstanding play-caller. He’s very organized. He’s an excellent teacher."

You may remember Schottenheimer was rumored to be up for a job with Vanderbilt in 2013. The thought he'd move to the college ranks  - in a lateral position move - seems unlikely. Once considered a top NFL coaching prospect, he's taken a slide since those heady days. What's more, - and correct me if I'm wrong here - the pay difference for coordinators in college versus the NFL would probably be substantial?

A move by Schottenheimer doesn't appear to be likely, and this may very well be just a carry-over rumor from the one with Vanderbilt. Plus, Georgia plays in the tough SEC, and I doubt Schottenheimer would risk a possible NFL gig by getting lost in a clutter of coordinators for schools who recruit better talent than the Bulldogs each year.

It's reasonable to assume his time with the Rams may have an expiration date on it in 2015. If he can't find a way to rev up the St. Louis offense, he could definitely be out of a job in 2016, with fewer possible suitors for his services...

On a side note, I never would have imagined my 900th article for Turf Show Times would be about Brian Schottenheimer? Millions of words, bizarre stories, feature articles and the occasion insight... It's been a great experience for me, and I'd like to thank Ryan and Joe for letting write for Turf Show Times. I have made loads of friends here among the staff and TSTers, and for that alone it's been a great blessing on my life...

- DouglasM