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2015 NFL Hall of Fame: Greatest Show On Turf Shut Out, Bettis Makes It In

The Rams initially had a shot at six former honorees to be included in the 2015 NFL Hall of Fame Class. In the end, Jerome Bettis will be the sole member of the class with Rams experience on his resume.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Perhaps it was too soon, too soon...

Back in mid-November, the Rams had six former members among the 26 semifinalists in contention to join the 2015 NFL Hall of Fame class (five if you go by the team site release that curiously ignored Jerome Bettis...foreshadowing). Fast-forward to tonight's celebration of those members voted to join the Hall and Bettis is the lone former Ram who will be enshrined in early August.

Of course that means two of the more notable snubs were Greatest Show on Turf members Kurt Warner and Orlando Pace. Both were up for inclusion for the first time.

Warner had a tough case to make for first ballot inclusion. Oppositely, it's hard to understand how Pace didn't make it. Time heals all wounds. Orlando should get in soon. Warner, and the other Rams who didn't make the semifinal cut, should be the recipient of time's good graces.

As it stands, the one former Ram headed to the Hall is the one the team decided wasn't a former Ram.

The fans know better.

The full 2015 NFL Hall of Fame class can be found here.