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Filling In the Blanks For the St. Louis Rams 2015 Offense

The St. Louis Rams have a lot of decision-making to do over the next few months in preparation for the 2015 season. Help build the ultimate depth chart for Brian Schottenheimer’s offense...

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 season behind them, the St. Louis Rams now turn their focus to the offseason.  Free agency and the NFL draft will help shape the roster in hopes of ultimately earning this team a playoff berth for the first time in...a long time.

But they’ve got their work cut out for them...especially on offense.

Offensively, they’ve got several key players who may test free agency.  They’ve also got a few -at key positions - looking to bounce back from season-ending injuries and earn their spot on the depth chart.

But before you put on your GM hat, here are a few things to note:

*  The players listed at each position [below] were taken from the Rams’ official website. However, some of the more versatile players can be [and are] shifted around.  It happens.

*  Some positions have players who aren’t free agents, but aren’t penciled in as starters.  That’s based on the premise that they will most likely be released [I’m looking at you, Scott Wells].  Feel free to slide them right back in at a starter role if you think they’re the guy for the job.

*  I purposely placed Sam Bradford as the team’s backup.  It’s not that he couldn’t potentially be starting, but for the first time in his NFL career he’ll be [truly] competing for the job.  Jeff Fisher has said as much.

*  There are several Rams’ players who will be competing against free agents and rookies to stake their claim on the depth chart in 2015. The "Potential" players underneath each position will display "free agents" and "rookies." Links to free agents will direct you to the list of 2015 FA's - on Spotrac - for that particular position [If you’re not familiar, the site is great for player contracts, and how keeping/cutting them could impact the team]. The "Rookies" link[s] will direct you to CBS Sports, which is sorted and ranked by position for the 2015 draft class.

You be the judge. Who can build the best - albeit realistic - roster for the 2015 Rams?


Starter: ____________________

Backup: Sam Bradford
Backup: ___________________

Potentially: Shaun Hill [FA], Austin Davis [FA] Free Agent, or Rookie

Running Back

Starter: Tre Mason

RB2: ________________

RB3: ________________

RB4: ________________

RB5: ________________

Potentially: Zac Stacy, Isaiah PeadBenny Cunningham, Chase Reynolds [FA], Tre Watts, Free Agent, or Rookie

Wide Receiver

X: Brian Quick

Y: Tavon Austin

Z: ________________

WR4: ______________

WR5: ______________

Potentially: Kenny Britt [FA], Chris GivensStedman Bailey, Emory Blake, Free Agent, or Rookie

Tight End

Starter: Jared Cook

Starter: _______________

TE3: ________________

TE4: ________________

Potentially: Lance Kendricks [FA], Cory Harkey [FA], Mason Brodine, Brad SmelleyFree Agent, or Rookie

Left Tackle

Starter: Greg Robinson

LT2: ___________

Potentially: Jake Long, Mike Person [FA], Brandon Washington [FA], Free Agent, or Rookie

Left Guard

Starter: Rodger Saffold

LG2: _______________

Potentially: Mike Person [FA], Barrett Jones, Travis BondFree Agent, or Rookie


Starter: ______________

Center2: _____________

Center3: _____________

Potentially: Scott Wells, Tim Barnes [FA], Barrett Jones, Demetrius RhaneyFree Agent, or Rookie

Right Guard

Starter: ______________

RG2: _______________

Potentially: Davin Joseph [FA], Mike Person [FA], Barrett Jones, Free Agent, or Rookie

Right Tackle

Starter: ______________

RT2: ________________

Potentially: Joseph Barksdale [FA], Jake Long, Brandon Washington [FA], Free Agent, or Rookie