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Random Ramsdom 1/29: Foles Destined for Rams?

Where there's smoke, their's fire right???

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

GSOT vs The Legion of Doom | 101 Sports

Dick Vermeil weighs in.

How do the Rams Compete with Seattle? | 101 Sports

Everyone knows that the QB situation needs to be resolved, but what else needs to happen?

Hackett Chooses JAX QBs over Rams Offense | AP

Already covered by 3k here, but still worth a mention

Late Round Gems that Fit Rams | Bleacher Report

Lineman, lineman, and more lineman. YES PLEASE!

Ideal Free Agents for Every Team | Bleacher Report

Another lineman. YAY!

Mock Draft Recap | St Louis

More OL. Double Yay!

Cost of Adding Foles |

Again, already covered. This time by the master.... our very own DC!

'Spectacular Effort' Needed to Keep Rams in St Louis | StL Today

City believes team would rather be in LA.

Is Foles a Fit? | ESPN NFL Nation

While still drafting a QB to groom. Key takeaway.

Considering that the current Rams regime is entering its fourth year without a winning season to its name, adding a quarterback who could legitimately push to be the starter right away (while still drafting a young quarterback to groom) would make plenty of sense.

DPOY Debate | ESPN NFL Nation

It's a two man race between Oakland's Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald. Wagoner and Bill WIlliamson debate the merits for each candidate.

Warner has doubts about Patriots | Fox Sports MW

There's a little more than a sliver of doubt, Kurt.

Aaron Rodgers Pays Tribute to Military Kids | The Sporting News

Not Rams related in the slightest, but as a service member, I gotta give this a shout out.

Snead Recaps 2014 | St Loouis

The Rams GM offers his thoughts on the season.