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Nathaniel Hackett Pulls Out Of Rams' OC Job, Headed To Jacksonville

This qualifies as news.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports


This is telling.

We knew from the news last night from Jim Thomas that something was amiss. Obviously, something created a rift between the Rams/Jeff Fisher and Hackett. The likely reality is that we'll never know what that was. In the end though, either the Rams moved away from Hackett or he moved on from them.

It's telling, however, that he wasn't wedded to the offensive coordinator position. Per Rappaport's reporting above, the second position behind the Rams' offensive coordinator on his totem pole is the Jaguars' QB coaching gig. For an out of work former Bills offensive coordinator, that should tell you quite a bit about how valuable this job is perceived by the hand of the market.

In the end though, the Rams can scratch yet another name off the list. And with that done, it's looking more and more seemingly that either QB Coach Frank Cignetti or TE Coach Rob Boras is in line to be promoted to serve at Fisher's behest as the Rams' next offensive coordinator...

God speed.