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Random Ramsdom; Questions, questions...

The pressing question- who will be the Rams Offensive Coordinator for 2015? How will the quarterback situation play out? Nick Foles? And the ongoing saga of DeflateGate- possibly meaningless, but the endless mockery is amusing, isn't it?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kraft demands apology...if -ESPN

PHOENIX -- Patriots owner Robert Kraft made a surprise appearance at the team's opening news conference of Super Bowl XLIX on Monday, saying the NFL will owe the Patriots an apology if its investigation over deflated footballs doesn't uncover wrongdoing.

Um...who gets the apology if they do find wrongdoing?

Feelin' the heat in Phoenix -NFL

Bill Belichick on Pete Carroll-

"I have a ton of respect for what Pete does as a coach, how good of a fundamental teacher he is, the way his teams play. I've studied him from afar -- we've never worked together. Studied Pete from afar over a long period of time. I've learned a lot from what he does, and indirectly, I think he's made me a better coach. I have all the respect in the world for Pete and his staff."

Canned answers are so boring, which is why I like this interview so much more.

Headphones cause headaches these days -USA Today

Another ridiculous headphone fiasco, this time with Richard Sherman. Some control is a good thing, after all, we don't really want the game to end up looking like NASCAR do we?

From the archives- No Gronk in the coming draft class? -NFL

Probably not the most talented TE, but the most intriguing one for me is Oklahoma's Blake Bell. Transitioning...successfully from quarterback to tight end, is impressive in itself. I further would really like to see just what a creative and aggressive offensive coordinator could do with a combination of skills like that.

Draft prospect, Nick O'Leary FSU

Draft prospect Shane Carden ECU

Draft prospect Derrick Malone Jr. Oregon

Kurt Warner on DeflateGate -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"I don’t want to have to wonder: Did they beat me fair-and-square or was there something extra?" he said. "That’s the part that I don’t think you’ll ever get over. Because you know something was done outside the rules. I have no idea how it helped them."

This interview with Kurt is a bit depressing. He admits to a hint of a grudge. Can you blame him?

*Note- Nathaniel Hackett did not interview with the Rams yesterday as reported. He is expected to still have a second meeting sometime this week.

And by request...Dwight Yoakam...