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Rob Chudzinski to Remain With Colts, Rams Offensive Coordinator Hunt Goes On

Chud's out. The search continues...

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Multiple reports this morning, including a tweet from the Colts' erratic owner Jim Irsay, indicate Rob Chudzinski will be staying on Indianapolis' staff as an assistant coach.

Chud was in the hunt for an offensive coordinator hire with both the Rams and the 49ers, so this whittles the options down for both. San Francisco is likely leaning toward promoting Geep Chryst from his QB coach responsibilities to the OC role while St. Louis is bringing in former Bills OC Nathaniel Hackett for a second interview today. We'll have to see if Hackett's hiring is imminent following the interview, but for now he certainly looks like the lead horse.

As I mentioned yesterday in responding to Chud's contract expiration, the timeline is a key priority now. With the first regional combine coming up next weekend, it behooves the Rams to get their offensive brain in-house (if he's not already there...) to make sure the entire staff is on board as they begin constructing their draft board and more keenly scouting offensive prospects.

With Chud out of the running, the Rams' options are now a bit thinner to get the last piece of their 2015 staff locked in.