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Rams' Offensive Coordinator Search Turns Toward Rob Chudzinski

The Rams are set to interview their next OC candidate once his contract ends today.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Per Schefty, the Rams are set to interview Rob Chudzinski to perhaps become their next offensive coordinator once his contract expires today:

With the Senior Bowl in tow, the timeline now shifts toward the combine in less than a month. That's a significant keypoint not only for the goings on in Indianapolis, but the marker it serves as to force NFL teams to get business done ahead of time.

Rams Offensive Coordinator Hunt

Scouting out potential offensive prospects will be harder to do properly unless you have your offensive coordinator already in tow. That Nick Foles rumor? Rams might wanna get that sorted out if not beforehand, then to at least have a plan fleshed out in-house to take with them to Indy when Les Snead will have a chance at some face time with Philly's brass. Sam Bradford's contract? Yeah, that's gonna take some doing. And all of that doesn't even reference the first regional combine in less than two weeks.

Life's coming at the Rams fast. With that offensive coordinator spot open, they're left with more volatility on the business side as we creep toward the 2015 NFL Draft in three months.

Rob Chudzinski's best resume bullet might just be the calendar.