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Rams' Offensive Coordinator Hunt: Tracking Who's In, Who's Out

Updating the list of who could be the Rams' next offensive coordinator and who's out of consideration.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Off The Board

Marc Trestman - Hired as Baltimore Ravens OC

Marty Mornhinweg - Hired as Baltimore Ravens QBC

Greg Olson - Hired as Jacksonville Jaguars OC

Doug Marrone - Hired as Jacksonville Jaguars OLC

Kyle Shanahan - Hired as Atlanta Falcons OC

Greg Roman - Hired as Buffalo Bills OC

Chan Gailey - Hired as New York Jets OC

Dirk Koetter - Hired as Tampa Bay Buccaneers OC

Bill Musgrave - Hired as Oakland Raiders OC

Gary Kubiak - Hired as Denver Broncos HC

John DeFilippo - Hired as Cleveland Browns OC

Jedd Fisch - Hired as Michigan Wolverines QBC

In-House Options

Frank Cignetti (QBC, St. Louis Rams)

He led my in-house options two weeks ago. He's still there. The only real tug on him came from Cleveland, but they went with DeFilippo. That leaves him as the Rams' QB Coach, but he might get the nod on experience alone.

Ray Sherman (WRC, St. Louis Rams)


Rob Boras (TEC, St. Louis Rams)

Could. (I mean, that's all we've got...)

Outside Options

Adam Gase (OC, Denver Broncos)

Gase is headed back to Chicago for another interview, and it sounds like he might have the gig locked up. If he's not the Bears' next OC by tomorrow night, this might get legs again.

Alex Van Pelt (QBC, Green Bay Packers)

Rams were rebuffed by the Packers in trying to interview AVP. This one looks to be on hold unless that changes.

Rob Chudzinski (Spec. Asst., Indianapolis Colts)

Similarly, the Colts denied the Rams' interview request for Chud. One thing to remember? His contract is up in a week, and nothing's been announced so he might a free agent coach... The fact that Indy is having to block multiple requests to talk to him suggests he'd be able to get a role with more responsibility than what he has with the Colts.

Aaron Kromer (Former OC, Chicago Bears)

Still on the market. Haven't heard anything on him though.

Nathaniel Hackett (Former OC, Buffalo Bills)

Bernie Miklasz said he's "heard good things about him" in his offensive coordinator roundup piece earlier today, so that's at least namedroppingly worthy of inclusion here.

Mike Munchak (OLC, Pittsburgh Steelers)

Still the O-line coach with Pittsburgh, but Dick LeBeau's departure made this jump a bit on the possibility ladder.

Mike Martz (Former offensive dark arts wizard, St. Louis Rams/Carcosa)

I mean...this was outlandish from the start. But the fact that Cleveland interviewed him for their now-filled position breathes some life into this.

College Options

I'm taking these out until we hear anything for two reasons. First, it doesn't fit Fisher's style in the least. And second, we haven't even had an inkling of possibility for any name among the college ranks. I'd like the suspicion here to at least bear a whiff of reality.

Bottom Line

With each hire from other franchises rippling across the NFL pond, the talent pool seems thinner. That in and of itself makes the in-house promotion seemingly more possible and, from a Fisherian point of view perhaps, more attractive.

That the Rams did, however, reach out to Indy and Green Pay regarding Chud and AVP would lend some credence to the idea that the Rams are doing some level of due diligence to bring in candidates from outside the Earth City bubble.

Perhaps then the only thing working against the Rams is time. As other teams continue to snap up candidates, you wonder if Jeff Fisher is left picking among the leftovers. That may not be fair to some of the names left in contention, but it may just be the reality.