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Rams QB Coach Frank Cignetti Interviewed for Browns' OC Position

The Rams' current quarterbacks coach was brought into Cleveland as a candidate for their open offensive coordinator gig.

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Well this one kinda came out of the blue last night:

Cignetti's a relatively credible candidate. He's been the Rams' QB chief since Fisher's first season in 2012, and he's got nine total seasons of OC experience at the FBS level split among Fresno St., North Carolina, Cal, Pitt and Rutgers. Throw in lesser stints at the NFL with the Chiefs, Saints and 49ers, and he's certainly got the resume to justify an OC spot at the NFL level.

It's a resume strong enough that I thought he was the most likely in-house candidate in our list from two weeks ago were Fisher to opt to promote from within. Of course the concern here isn't just Cignetti's role with the Rams. Were he to leave for Cleveland, the Rams would be looking at filling the OC job and the QB coach job with at least a pair of QBs still to be added to the roster at some point with the pressure of what could be a do or die season for Fisher and the offense.

If you're looking for some optimism to hold on to Cignetti, perhaps it's part of the Browns' attempt to sniff out any option related to the Rams for their job...

Fun times, these.