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NFL: Need An OC? Permission DENIED!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Post Dispatch's Jim Thomas is reporting the St. Louis Rams have been denied permission to speak to Indianapolis' Rod Chudzinski and Green Bay's Alex Van Pelt.

The position vacated by Brian Schottenheimer is getting tough to fill, but the Rams aren't the only team scrambling for a coordinator. Right now, there are 11 team trying to find either offensive or defensive coordinators. In a way, the Rams aren't in a bad position compared to other teams. The San Francisco 49ers need an entire coaching staff to help their new HC. CBS Sports Jason La Canfora's take is a nice look at the hard market facing quite a few teams in the NFL.

What's next for the Rams? Will they entice a good coordinator, or devolve into a "by committee" approach like they did on defense a couple years ago? Will Jeff Fisher reach into the college ranks to find his guy? This is going to be interesting...