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Random Ramsdom: Deflated

Well, leave it to the Patriots to add a bit of heat to this blustery January. DeflateGate draft prospects and more!

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Bernie rants -St. Louis Post Dispatch

Everyone needs to rant sometimes and this is one of the better ones I have seen lately...some real points to ponder.

Browns interview one of the most loved and hated former Rams coaches -Deluth News Tribune

Well, well, well...Mike Martz, chief architect of the Greatest Show on Turf, is dipping his toes back in the NFL waters. Could be interesting...

All the coaching changes in all the land -NFL

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers promoted defensive line coach Jim Tomsula to head coach. San Francisco chose Tomsula over hiring Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase. With Bill Callahan as the Redskins' O-line coach, former Washington coach Chris Foerster will join the Niners in the same role, per Rapoport. The 49ers are hiring Joe Barry as defensive coordinator, Rapoport reported, per two sources informed of the Redskins' plans.

From defensive line coach, straight to head coach, eh? Hmmm

11 of 12 balls deflated in AFC Championship game -ESPN

Patriots coach Bill Belichick earlier Tuesday deferred questions about the investigation, saying reporters should ask league officials. Belichick earlier said he wasn't aware there was an issue until Monday morning and promised to "cooperate fully with whatever the league wants us to, whatever questions they ask."

You're one classy guy Bill.

This is what an actual classy guy has to say...

And I am assuming the one not deflated, was for kick-offs/punts, right?

The really, really sad part? I now actually want the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl.

Top prospects of the 2015 draft, listed by position -NFL

Since apparently the Rams are going to take a cornerback with the #10 overall, I guess we should look at what is available.

Draft prospect La'el Collins LSU

Draft Prospect Garrett Grayson Colorado State

So, for some strange reason, this popped into my head today...