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Random Ramsdom 1/20: OC Search and the Senior Bowl

This man has finally sailed ship from the Rams. But who will be brought in to replace him?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Monday Wrap-Up

--- 2014 St. Louis Rams - the dislikes ---
Everyone had their fair share of these. Another look at the season that was.


--- Latest in OC Search ---
Bleacher Report with some more input on the OC search.

--- Rams Request to Interview Rob Chudzinski ---
Rams would like to interview Colts OC, Rob Chudzinski.

--- Rams Pondering Alex Van Pelt ---
Packers QB Coach, Alex Van Pelt, has also been talked about by the Rams.

Draft Tracker

--- Should the Rams draft a WR in 2015? ---
It's a possibility, but the receiving core actually seemed solid in 2014.

--- Senior Bowl Week Mock: Rams take OT, TJ Clemmings ---
Yet again, Rams slotted as an offensive lineman. If the Rams don't trade out of the pick, this is a pretty safe bet.

Spotlight: Senior Bowl

--- Senior Bowl, Jan. 24 ---
Possible future Rams take the field in this battle between two sides filled with Seniors and redshirt  Juniors.

Around the League

--- Brady, Belichick stand in path of back-to-backs ---
It's fitting -- the last team to win back-to-back Super Bowls now stands in the path of the next one that possibly could.

--- First time ever, no team favored in Super Bowl ---
Predicting this game is as easy as calling a coin toss. Your chances are 50/50.

--- #DeflateGate ---
The latest investigation in the  NFL. Did the Patriots try to deflate balls to gain an advantage?

--- Wilfork Rescues Women ---
Vince Wilfork pulls women from wrecked car as he's driving home from the AFC Championship victory. The twist? She was arrested afterwards due to drunk driving.

--- 60 Million Viewers for Seahawks-Packers OT ---
That number just seems huge. Viewership on the Super Bowl this year will be incredible.

NFL Playoffs

Sunday, February 1st: Super Bowl 49, Seahawks vs. Patriots