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2014 NFL All-Pro Team: Quinn, Donald, Hekker Make the Cut

Three Rams received votes on this year's All-Pro team ballots.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the Rams' disappointing 6-10 finish, three players did receive votes in the final tally for the 2014 NFL All-Pro Team.

Robert Quinn

Quinn's become the successor of sorts to Steven Jackson as the best player on Rams teams that continue to misadventure. His 2014 season didn't match up to the previous year as he only earned a single All-Pro vote, but he still finished with 10.5 sacks. In the end, it was the bookend droughts that stifled him -- no sacks in his first five outings, and none in the final three. That's half of the season without a single signature tally, but not without impact. His presence continues to affect opposing offenses, and that won't change in 2015.

Aaron Donald

The Rams' bright shiny new plaything made the cut as well, notching four votes at DT. The potential Defensive Rookie of the Year had, it stands to reason, a standout first campaign finishing with nine sacks. His continual disruption of the backfield had opponents asking about him with more frequency as the season went on. Expect big things from AD in 2015.

Johnny Hekker

Hekk continues to stand out as a punter among his peers now three seasons into his career. In each of his three years, he's averaged above 45 yards per punt, and set a new high by pinning 41.3% of his kicks inside the 20-yard line. His 12 votes, second only to Indianapolis P Pat McAfee, helps validate his recent record contract.