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Random Ramsdom; Satisfaction

The potential relocation question keeps hotting up. Free agency looms and the mock drafts start the heavy petting, all while the NFL season has yet to conclude.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Rams lost to St. Louis? Jason La Canfora is not so sure -CBS Sports

"We are inclusive with the Rams in all of our plans," Peacock said in an interview today, "and the Rams are our team, and that's the team that we want playing here for a long time. But we are also respectful of the role the league serves, and the fact that they may have other perspectives and things going on at the league level that may result in a different scenario."

Mock draft, first round...uh...round up -St. Louis Rams

If you are on the offensive lineman bandwagon, this will brighten your morning.

Aaron Donald named Defensive Rookie of the Year by Pro Football Writers -PFWA

And there's more...

The Rams led all clubs with three All-Rookie selections – Donald, cornerback E.J. Gaines and running back Tre Mason. Six clubs – Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders each had two players on the squad. In all, 19 clubs are represented among the 27 players honored.

How to build a contender -Sports Illustrated

Free agency or the draft? Yes. A look at how they dun it, all four teams left that is.

Jerry Jones gives the go ahead for Rams move to LA -NY Times

The NFL held it's breathe in anticipation and hope of acquiring Jones XXVII's imprimatur. Now that the move has been officially blessed, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the NFL can start working on the details, making sure that Sacred Tradition and Dogma are not infected with heresy and only pure teachings are rendered unto the faithful.

Oh, I think there is also something in that article about a Peyton Manning or somebody or other...I didn't really read it.

Just the facts ma'am. The low down on the Packers-Seahawks Championship game -Green Bay Packers

Most interesting fact- Green Bay has had only 14 head coaches since 1919?

More facts, this time on the AFC Championship -CBS Sports

Most interesting fact- every single Rams fan is rooting for Indianapolis.

John Fox interviewing with Bears -NFL

I would call that a step down in the talent pool for Fox, maybe we get to see what he can really do.

Draft focus- Jaelon Strong, Arizona State

Draft focus- Lorenzo Mauldin, Louisville

And on that bombshell, it's time to end!