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NFL Playoff Saturday Preview, Predicitions

After a fine Saturday pairing, here's the duo in action today.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Dallas at Green Bay - 1:05pm ET, FOX

O/U on Ice Bowl mentions is set at 41. In the end, this is a question of the defenses. Can either stop their opposing offense or is this going to be like last night's Baltimore-New England contest? (note: I would be totally fine if this was just like last night's Baltimore-New England contest.)

Indianapolis at Denver - 4:40pm ET, CBS

How much Peyton Manning is too much Peyton Manning? Since the Kansas City game on Nov. 30, we may have crossed the threshold. Peyton' in his 17th season at 38 years old. He's really beginning to look it. Let's see if he can do anything beyond 15 yards against the Colts' secondary.