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Rams To Speak With Former Browns OC Kyle Shanahan

The Rams have a second interviewee set up as a potential hire for their offensive coordinator vacancy.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Coordinator candidate No. 2? Former Redskins and Browns OC Kyle Shanahan:

Shanahan wasn't on my initial hypothetical list from a couple days ago largely because he didn't leave until the day after I put that list together. Still, it was perhaps an oversight on my part if only because it's such a Jeff Fisher fit.

Coaches' son? Check. Underwhelming results at QB? Check. Loyalty to the coaching staff uber alles? Check. This one certainly has all the hallmarks of a Jeff Fisher hire.

Shanahan joins Greg Roman as prospective Rams candidates, though Roman has some other interviews reportedly lined up. With so many openings, it's a crowded field with numerous potential suitors.

Another hot commodity in the OC field is former Chicago Bears HC Marc Trestman, he so named by Rex Ryan as his top OC option:

Supply, meet demand.