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2015 NFL Draft

Everything related to the Rams' 2015 NFL Draft.

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FiveThirtyEight on Rams draft value: Nice, Great, Good, Awful

2015 NFL Draft Schedule: Day 3 Time, Streaming, TV

Here's your core info for the final day of the 2015 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Results: Rams Go QB With Sean Mannion

The Rams have finally added some quality youth potential at QB with the selection of Sean Mannion

2015 NFL Draft: Jamon Brown Grade (POLL)

The St. Louis Rams needed offensive line help, it looks like the help has arrived.

NFL Draft Results: Rams Pick OT Brown In 3rd Round

With their third selection of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Rams added another offensive lineman to the fold.

NFL Draft Results: Rams Take OT Havenstein At 57

The Rams have their first, but perhaps not last, offensive lineman of the 2015 NFL Draft.

2015 NFL Draft Trade: Rams Trade #41 To Carolina

The Rams have sent their second round pick at 41 overall to the Carolina Panthers at 57.

2015 NFL Draft: Day 2 Live Updates, Analysis

Time to get back to business. Will the Rams start patching together their offensive line tonight?

2015 NFL Draft: What The Rams Must Do In Round 2

Selecting Todd Gurley was questionable at best. However, that's the past -- let's look forward and examine what the Rams need to do tonight in round 2.

2015 NFL Draft: Best Remaining Players

Who will the St. Louis Rams draft on day two?

2015 NFL Draft: The Argument Against Todd Gurley

Here are the three reasons the Rams made a mistake with their first round pick of the 2015 NFL Draft.

2015 NFL Draft: Rams' 2015 Opponents Draft Picks

Did the Rams schedule get harder because of the 1st Round?

2015 NFL Draft: Todd Gurley Q&A With Dawg Sports

Who knows Gurley better than the fan base who watched him at Georgia?

2015 NFL Draft Schedule: Day 2 Time, Streaming, TV

Here's your core info for the second day of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Featured Fanshot

Tre Mason Cryptically Responds to the Todd Gurley Pick


This stream has:

2015 NFL Draft: Rams Results, Picks, Analysis

All the TST news on the Rams' activity in the 2015 NFL Draft.

2015 NFL Draft: Twitter Reacts to the Gurley Pick

What does the media, current players, and fans think of the St. Louis Rams drafting Gurley?

RR 5/1: Moving on to Day 2

Question of the day.... When will Snisher add an OL?

2015 NFL Draft: Gurley Pick Grade (w/ Poll)

How surprised can you really be?

2015 NFL Draft Grades: 1st Round Grades

The grades are in for the entirety of the first round

Zac Stacy To Ask Rams For Release Or Trade

Having stocked up on running backs year after year, the Rams are now forced to figure out how to settle out the depth. Part of that is dealing with a Zac Stacy who wants out.

2015 NFL Draft: RB Todd Gurley Scouting Report

The St. Louis Rams made a shocking selection with the 10th pick of the 2015 NFL Draft with selecting running back from Georgia Todd Gurley. It is time to learn a little more about the young man.

2015 NFL Draft Grades: First 12 Picks

Here's a report card for the first 12 picks.

Featured Fanshot

Todd Gurley Madden Card

Featured Fanshot

Zac Stacy reacts to Gurley pick on Twitter


2015 NFL Draft Results: Rams Pick Todd Gurley

With the 10th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams have selected Todd Gurley.

2015 TST Community NFL Mock Draft: 1st Round Final

And so it ends.

2015 NFL Draft: 1st Round Live Updates

The wait mercifully ends.....

2015 NFL Draft: Will La'el Collins Go Undrafted?

Considered a 1st round pick a week ago, the murder of his ex-girlfriend may cause Collins to go undrafted.

2015 NFL Draft: Strong Safety

The final position: strong safety!

2015 NFL Draft: Position Big Boards

A last minute top prospect by position rundown based on scheme fit.

2015 TST Community NFL Mock Draft: Nearing The End

The first round of the community mock rolls on into the team who made the postseason in 2014.

2015 NFL Draft: What The Rams Should Do At 10

The NFL Draft is right around the corner. But before the Rams make their decision on who they will draft, the writers of Turf Show Times let their opinion be known.

TST Community Mock Draft: Early 20s Take 2 OTs Off

With the community mock in the final third of the first round, the interest for Rams fans turns to see which popular prospects make it to the 2nd round.

NFL Draft Rumors: Four Teams Going For Brockers

The Rams' run-stuffing DT is a hot commodity after yesteday's intial rumor churning...

2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Rams Talking To Titans

Don't look now, but the imminence of the draft is cranking up the rumor intensity.


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