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Random Ramsdom: 9/9 Onto the next......

The Rams were completely embarrassed Sunday vs the Vikings. But with the 24 hour rule in full effect, we are now onto the next!!!

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive line a problem???? - Ramblin Fan

The showing from the Rams' offensive line on Sunday was arguably the worst showing since the dreaded 2011 season that saw endless pressure being allowed. There were little to no running lanes, and far too much pressure on the quarterback.

Hill is the starter -

Lets get this clear right now, Shaun Hill is the Rams' starting QB. Fisher does not mess around with the QB position, and never has...

Grades are out - Bleacher Report

Grades have been released, and they are not pretty. As of right now the Rams are failing as a whole.

A lot of things came to light - St. Louis

Jeff Fisher discusses the loss to the Vikings and what all went wrong. He also address Shaun Hill's injury, and clarifies that there is more to find out with Chris Long.

Same story, different day -

More of the same, the Rams continue to be one of the most penalized teams in the NFL. This is getting old, real fast....

Ray Rice is no longer - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In case you have been under a rock for the last 24 hours, Ray Rice's career looks all but over. What is becoming a more and more sad story, Rice - a player who two years ago was viewed as one of the more promising and best running backs in the league, winning a Super Bowl title - at 27 may have played his final down in the NFL after video evidence of him striking his wife surfaced Monday morning.

Run game non-existent -

This just in: if the Rams want to win this season they will have to be able to run the ball. Without ti the run this team will be lost....

Shaun Hill not a lock for game vs Bucs - Ramblin Fan

Shaun Hill is the starter, but the starter may not be starting. As of right now, Hill is listed as doubtful for Sunday, leaving only Austin Davis and Case Keenum on the active roster. If Hill cannot play Sunday, Austin Davis would get the nod.

NFL coaching ranks - NFL Mocks

Ever wonder wher Jeff Fisher ranks in the  eyes of others, amongst active NFL head coaches? Well, wonder no more...

Setting the tone for the season - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Were the Rams setting the tone for the season with their loss to the Vikings sunday??

Brian Quick turning the corner??? -

Make no mistake about it, there was at the very least, one bright spot for the Rams on Sunday. It seems as if Brian Quick has indeed turned the corner, and the light has come on. There is no question about it, Brian Quick looked very good on Sunday. If he maintains this type of play throughout the season, the Rams will have a very good receiving core when Stedman Bailey returns...

Rankings for Week 2 - Bleacher Report

The Rams ranking is so low, instead of linking you straight to the their page - to avoid all the clicking - I strongly considered letting you do it yourself. Trust me you would not have had far to go.

One way to take your mind off of a tough game, giving back to someone who has it even tougher

This is a Rams fan I could get used too...

HA! Priceless..but he kind of has a point...but his next tweet - in my opinion - was the best yet!

This fan has the RIGHT idea!!!! And if you let Robert Quinn tell it, he's not alone......