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St. Louis Rams: Quarterback Woes

Coming off of a humiliating loss against the Minnesota Vikings, the Rams have a lot of work to do, starting at quarterback.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I get it, I do. It's just one game.

According to Jeff Fisher this game "will not define us." Despite those rallying words, the Rams problems were exposed, and the positive attitude most Rams fans had about this team have taken a pessimistic turn. There are many things to touch on. Let's start at quarterback.

Here is the stat line at quarterback for week one:

Att Comp Yds Comp% Yds/Att TD TD% INT INT% Long Sck Sck/Lost Rating
Austin Davis 23 16 192 69.6 8.3 0 0 1 4.3 28 4 21 76.7
Shaun Hill 13 8 81 61.5 6.2 0 0 1 7.7 23 1 6 47.3

Taken at face value, those numbers look insanely bad. The positive spin is that Austin Davis, despite his 4 sacks for 21 yards and his nail in the coffin pick-6, actually played decently. Hey, gotta stay positive right?

Here is another quarterback's stat line over an 11 game period (starting only 8).

Att Comp Yds Comp% Yds/Att TD TD% INT INT%
Sck Sck/Lost Rating
226 134 1502 59.3 6.6 12 5.3 11 4.9 23 135 76.6

Those numbers don't look hella good either. What if I told you those are the stats of a Super Bowl Winning quarterback? Granted that Super Bowl winning quarterback had an iron-clad, legendary defense to back up his meager numbers, and an explosive running game to complement his game manager style of play. Kinda sounds like how the Rams were supposed to be doesn't it?

That quarterback was Trent Dilfer.

  • The sky isn't falling, Rams fans.
  • The Rams' defense will tighten things up a little.
  • The offensive line, after a good chunk of their rear-ends is taken out this week, will come together.
  • The running game will get better.

All we need is someone who won't lose the game for us at the quarterback position.

We need our very own Trent Dilfer.