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Rams-Vikings Game Thread Roll Call

Looking at the most active users in yesterday's game thread.

Stephen Lam
Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,769
Total commenters 121
Commenter list 40yearRamfan, 81 Witness, Aruba Raider, BMillz, B_Edelman, BaldBilly, Barflies, Barnun, Billiken13, BornwithHorns, Bralidore, Brewce, BronxBlazer, Chamuel, Charlesthe3rd, Cordarrelle Wiggins, DJ7561, DamnChop, Danrarbc, Danteslion, Delmuir, DiscoJer, Dmoney39-8, Douglas M, Drew Spinoso, Drmondobueno, EastBayNinerFan, Eric Nagel, Eulogy, FailureDrill, FlimtotheFlam, Frank "Dubs" Dobozy, Freewheeler2, GSOT9901, IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive, Ignacio B, J-RAD2, Jack Kellett, Justheory, Ken F, Kentrell Jackson, KurtWarner13, LA Champ, LARams1968, Lawllaby, Leon Phelpths, Logos_, Mark Jaramillo, MathB, Mizzie, Molina4MVP, NW RamFan, Natedogg265, NowhereMan11, Oski Bear, RAMS54, RamBradford08, RamFan415, RamFanAD, RamSarge, Ramaholic, Rams and Hoosiers, Rams62, Rams78110, Ramsfan75, Ryan4768, Simon_says17, Skol Ragnar, Snaughty, StevenS479, Str8t, Swatsky, Tanngnost, The Rammer, TheBirds, Thomas W, Throw, Txsurfer, VTramsFan, WestcoastRam, Will not be defeated, YoMurph!, ZamRam, addnon, bdh18, betzel, blindmouse, crushh87, donmolloys1976, ffgtfgtr, hex706f726368, illyistic1, iowajosh, jds10011, jdubb1500, jtboy_08, kingles, koufaxrules, leadhead, linus98, loyal2therams, lpatters99, mark.banks.568, mooseknuckles41, nj_rams_fan, oldboy1x, oldfartramfan, ramdude, ramswo85, rosstipher627, sanbell, seeds961, spikeram, themagiconall, themurth, thisguy, wdcecil, whirledpeas, x Nightwing x, xAndy616x, zachmann21
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 RamSarge 139
2 FailureDrill 127
3 LA Champ 86
4 thisguy 65
5 oldboy1x 54
6 rosstipher627 51
7 BaldBilly 49
8 Lawllaby 48
9 x Nightwing x 47
10 TheBirds 46
11 Ken F 44
12 Tanngnost 36
13 hex706f726368 34
14 Mark Jaramillo 33
15 LARams1968 33
16 Barflies 29
17 Swatsky 29
18 ramswo85 29
19 YoMurph! 28
20 Logos_ 28
21 Freewheeler2 28
22 40yearRamfan 24
23 Eulogy 23
24 themurth 23
25 NowhereMan11 22
26 Chamuel 22
27 FlimtotheFlam 20
28 Will not be defeated 20
29 zachmann21 19
30 BornwithHorns 18
31 BMillz 18
32 J-RAD2 17
33 addnon 17
34 Ryan4768 16
35 Throw 16
36 lpatters99 15
37 StevenS479 15
38 RamBradford08 14
39 ffgtfgtr 13
40 nj_rams_fan 13
41 DJ7561 13
42 Oski Bear 13
43 Bralidore 13
44 spikeram 12
45 Rams78110 12
46 blindmouse 12
47 Rams and Hoosiers 11
48 mark.banks.568 10
49 MathB 10
50 GSOT9901 10
51 Dmoney39-8 10
52 VTramsFan 9
53 Drew Spinoso 9
54 Aruba Raider 9
55 jtboy_08 8
56 Str8t 8
57 RAMS54 8
58 The Rammer 8
59 Kentrell Jackson 7
60 RamFan415 7
61 NW RamFan 7
62 leadhead 6
63 Rams62 6
64 Txsurfer 6
65 bdh18 6
66 seeds961 6
67 DamnChop 6
68 Natedogg265 5
69 sanbell 5
70 DiscoJer 5
71 wdcecil 5
72 linus98 5
73 B_Edelman 4
74 RamFanAD 4
75 donmolloys1976 4
76 Douglas M 4
77 crushh87 3
78 Thomas W 3
79 Ramsfan75 3
80 Brewce 3
81 Skol Ragnar 3
82 Delmuir 3
83 Ignacio B 3
84 Simon_says17 3
85 Jack Kellett 2
86 EastBayNinerFan 2
87 WestcoastRam 2
88 Charlesthe3rd 2
89 KurtWarner13 2
90 Drmondobueno 2
91 Molina4MVP 2
92 mooseknuckles41 2
93 whirledpeas 2
94 Danrarbc 2
95 ramdude 2
96 oldfartramfan 2
97 Frank "Dubs" Dobozy 2
98 Barnun 2
99 Eric Nagel 2
100 BronxBlazer 2
101 koufaxrules 2
102 Danteslion 1
103 jdubb1500 1
104 kingles 1
105 jds10011 1
106 Ramaholic 1
107 iowajosh 1
108 xAndy616x 1
109 Billiken13 1
110 ZamRam 1
111 Justheory 1
112 loyal2therams 1
113 IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive 1
114 81 Witness 1
115 Mizzie 1
116 Leon Phelpths 1
117 Snaughty 1
118 themagiconall 1
119 betzel 1
120 illyistic1 1
121 Cordarrelle Wiggins 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 seeds961 [no title]
6 addnon I'm not letting this shitty team ruin my day. See you guys next week.
6 oldboy1x [no title]
5 Rams78110 I see Tavon has 5 touches for 11 yards, safe to assume Schotty still doesn't know how to use him?
5 StevenS479 EJ Gaines with a deflect!
5 FailureDrill Why don't you just limit your commentary to Daily Norsemen?
5 Swatsky Could it really be worse with Greg Robinson in?
5 Bralidore Fully expect to clean house minus a few staffers and Greg Williams next season
5 Eric Nagel At what point is enough enough
5 Swatsky Schotty has got to be replaced
5 mooseknuckles41 Hopped back on to say Fuck Darren Bates for dancing in front of an injured player.
5 FailureDrill Welcome to the asylum.
5 RamBradford08 The only thing that could save me from my disappointment is if Schotty gets fired this week.
4 Throw So at what point should I consider there is an actual "Curse of the Warner"
4 zachmann21 Not regretting Aaron Donald though :)
4 FailureDrill There was that Super Bowl.
4 FailureDrill That's completely classless.
4 oldboy1x [no title]
4 oldboy1x [no title]
4 FailureDrill Bradford or no Bradford, there's zero excuse to get completely embarrassed at home to start your season.
4 EastBayNinerFan Go Rams!
4 rosstipher627 fuck everything so far
4 Barflies How does Shotty go on year after year with employment in this league as an OC?
4 FailureDrill By classy I mean the opposite of that, in case you can't detect sarcasm.
4 LA Champ fuck you man....your team sucks, ours just sucks worse...
4 FailureDrill Now you can shut if off, guys.
4 nj_rams_fan [no title]
4 DiscoJer That was about as ugly as game as I've seen.
3 Rams78110 Bonus points if he takes Schottenheimer with him
3 thisguy This just in:
3 Swatsky The entire D-line and 2 backers
3 x Nightwing x SAM BRADFORD FOR OC 2014!
3 RamFanAD Shotty
3 40yearRamfan Ps, the Vik's gave up 30 points a game, they are not that good, we are this bad.
3 Snaughty [no title]
3 Mark Jaramillo Thats an understatement...
3 RamSarge Give Quick a 1 yd pass, he's earned it
3 lpatters99 FUCK THE FUCKING REFS!!!!
3 oldboy1x [no title]
3 RamSarge Time to go camping again, and I mean right fucking now
3 Lawllaby I like this Joyner kid.
3 40yearRamfan Shotty sucks!
3 Ryan4768 Roughin the passer???
3 bdh18 The only positive is...
3 FailureDrill Woeful attendance is woeful.
3 FailureDrill Jacksonville leading the Eagles 14-0.
3 rosstipher627 This is about as poor a first game as we could have possibly had
3 Lawllaby No he has a better coordinator and offense around him.
3 Mark Jaramillo You know what Barflies?
3 FailureDrill All this defensive talent being wasted, too.
3 Throw There we go I got Rams Bingo, Saffold is hurt
3 Throw haha I swear they only call that on us
3 RamSarge If the game follow-up article isn't titled "Rudderless", I'll be very disappointed
3 Frank "Dubs" Dobozy Rams 20- Vikings 17....Ground Chuck and Williams Blitzkrieg!!
3 Oski Bear c'mon, we've seen this same 'ol story for ten years now
3 Mark Jaramillo Shotty needs to go fella's...
3 lpatters99 we will be #32 in power rankings
3 FailureDrill How many "fresh starts" has this team tried to boot up in the last 10 years?
3 Lawllaby If this team had an offense, it would be an entirely different game.
3 x Nightwing x A 3rd and 1 where we didn't just run it up the middle?
2 RamSarge Laughing at Stacy not knowing what is happening, and still getting 6 yards
2 Lawllaby Lol no, our o-line play is absolutely poor, dirt poor.
2 x Nightwing x D is fine dude
2 RamBradford08 yeah if you could just leave, that would be great.
2 x Nightwing x Vikes aren't beating us
2 DamnChop Fish experiment over for me...
2 NowhereMan11 I'm glad you have a false sense of hope.
2 TheBirds Peterson is only getting older and you still don't have a QB
2 Bralidore Fuck me for wanting to not shit the bed every fucking opener..
2 Barflies That's what happens when you are losing at home to a mediocre team
2 FailureDrill Not even mad or surprised about that.
2 LARams1968 Davis time
2 hex706f726368 is hill's injury contagious?
2 Lawllaby Lol Hill's our guy, wham bam thank you mam.
2 Throw This is going to be a loooooooong season if Hill has been benched already
2 LARams1968 How many will it need?
2 Bralidore [no title]
2 rosstipher627 answer to your first question is the defense
2 Swatsky It doesnt feel like we should be losing this bad
2 ramswo85 How in the world is this game even close?
2 ramswo85 The Cushion of Death strikes again
2 LA Champ Chase Reynolds hits his first man...and it's the punter
2 Lawllaby Why don't they do a reverse with Tavon, a screen, something. Why didn't they just draft a big bodied receivers for possessions instead of wasting talent.
2 oldboy1x [no title]
2 BaldBilly Gaines :)
2 blindmouse Tavon Austin lining up at RB
2 J-RAD2 Shotty
2 FailureDrill Just gonna go ahead and flag this obvious trolling effort.
2 FailureDrill That would involve locking Schottenheimer in a mop closet.
2 StevenS479 "That Gregg Williams will throw the kitchen sink at you..."
2 FailureDrill This offense is shit.
2 x Nightwing x Lol, not even a flag guys
2 J-RAD2 its not the line
2 x Nightwing x And at least one pair of peed pants
2 wdcecil quarter and a half of a team with a new o-line and QB take a deep breath folks
2 BMillz [no title]
2 ramswo85 Hope they destroy Philly!
2 thisguy Same old, same old.
2 NowhereMan11 Uhh, fucking horseshit call.
2 NW RamFan I should get the fuck out because I simply stated that no one actually knows the future?
2 Throw a flag on special teams!!! FOOTBALL IS BACK!!
2 jds10011 Bad, ugly and true
2 BaldBilly McDonald is going to love the Gregg Williams scheme
2 NowhereMan11 Gregg Williams is going to love McDonald.
2 hex706f726368 pretty bad when you can't get calls in your own house
2 thisguy Ah, good
2 FailureDrill Another horseshit call.
2 BaldBilly time for Janoris to get his first TD of the year :)
2 FailureDrill He's alive?
2 RamSarge Quinn on track for 64 almost-sacks this year
2 rosstipher627 wow....
2 FailureDrill With the fucking flags, come on.
2 RamBradford08 I dont want to add fuel to the fire, but Snead's overall history absolutely suggests he is far from a draft guru.
2 hex706f726368 the officials are making themselves a part of this game
2 Lawllaby OH MY GOD
2 GSOT9901 fuck the refs my god
2 Swatsky What a bullshit call
2 Lawllaby WOW, never seen that called.
2 Ken F Quick, I will let that slide
2 Throw Oh bullshit
2 hex706f726368 you get a sack, you get a sack
2 FailureDrill Are you serious, Champ?
1 40yearRamfan Denial, LOL... It works though. That's what I'm telling myself too!
1 thisguy Glad
1 rosstipher627 i wanted to believe we could turn this one around, I really did. I still have hope that we'll figure out some things on offense over the course of the season,
1 Rams78110 The real question is... What kind of dirt does Schottenheimer have on Fisher and Snead?
1 themurth Worst Organization in the NFL
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 Drew Spinoso Ray Sherman - Asst Coach of the Year
1 Logos_ Great, we get to look forward to jerks like you all season long.
1 FailureDrill Standing on the sideline by himself with a "sore calf".
1 TheBirds Can we put in GRob, what is the risk now?
1 Will not be defeated Disagree. The Vikes are a poor team
1 BaldBilly I refuse to give up...
1 DJ7561 I remember reading the Dead Spin article on why the Rams suck.
1 bdh18 To be honest I'm not only tired of Schotty
1 rosstipher627 i think fisher may have decided that he was injured
1 themurth Like patiently waiting to date cheerleader and then, respecting her for months until that magic night take off her bra only to discover she's stuffs. Yep, flat as a board!
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 FailureDrill Aren't you?
1 themagiconall I understand the doubts that are appearing during this game
1 Ryan4768 I never thought I'd say this.
1 xAndy616x Can't believe this is what I was looking forward to this season
1 Logos_ Spoken too soon.
1 Drew Spinoso Tebow probably wouldn't accept an invitation to start
1 mark.banks.568 Problem isn't the QB
1 Lawllaby I farted right when he caught that TD pass, I was expecting shit. Thank god that didn't happen.
1 FlimtotheFlam O-Line is who lost this game for us
1 BornwithHorns Thank you Rams, I needed a good cry.
1 Mark Jaramillo Dont blame the picks...
1 thisguy Grumble grumble
1 Lawllaby Nah, 15 to life.
1 seeds961 First Sad Field Goal of the NFL season goes to STL
1 mark.banks.568 He runs too far down the field for that......
1 Mark Jaramillo Me too...
1 Mark Jaramillo And everyone wnodered why...
1 Mark Jaramillo Losing to a team...
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 Rams78110 Rams are already tanking hard for Mariota.
1 Tanngnost i like Austin
1 LA Champ Quick....throw him ball...every play
1 Throw Marshawn lynch grabs the facemask every play
1 hex706f726368 didn't fisher say he wanted to play 70s football?
1 LARams1968 My next jersey?
1 Ramsfan75 ugh....
1 Swatsky Benny is the man
1 BaldBilly 1) not a penalty
1 RamSarge Quinn has 2 penalties for the O so far
1 rosstipher627 good running, Benny!
1 FailureDrill Flags and commercials.
1 BaldBilly maybe...
1 Swatsky Cook's gotta fight harder for that
1 RamSarge I'm sure Schotty will use halftime to revise his playcalling and we'll come out....
1 LA Champ cook was like 10 feet in the air, the ball was like 8
1 x Nightwing x Still more bang for the buck than Schotty
1 RamSarge Approximately everybody
1 40yearRamfan Shaun hill seems fine, it's Shotty
1 TheBirds yeah, bobbled snap, but looks like they probably would have killed him anyways
1 FailureDrill Starts at the line, yeah.
1 blindmouse Bates is an idiot
1 RamSarge Damn son nice pressure
1 BaldBilly Donald = playing
1 Ryan4768 Nice tackle by McDonald.
1 FailureDrill Are you fucking serious with that call?
1 RamSarge Sweet we got Ed Hercules to ref
1 Frank "Dubs" Dobozy Thanks my man!! Glad to be here! 9-10 wins this season coming up....tick off the first one today!!!
1 Brewce Battle of the Horns
1 BornwithHorns Boom! TJ
1 BaldBilly T.J.
1 Ryan4768 Don't do that, Tavon!
1 Ken F yea dude im a troll
1 LA Champ anybody see the difference in Patterson & Tavon now?
1 RamSarge Good tackling by JJ there
1 FailureDrill Woo! Good on you!
1 FailureDrill I see your creativity and raise you a HB draw up the middle for a 2 yd gain.
1 Kentrell Jackson Well...
1 Lawllaby Poor Tavon, dude has no chance with schotty's designs.
1 Swatsky Dont you remember Larry Fitzgerald
1 FlimtotheFlam Fucking Ref right in the way
1 TheBirds nobody gives a fuck
1 BaldBilly enjoy your celebration
1 Rams62 Fisher says all the right things
1 Eulogy These are the Rams I know...
1 Throw Smack Cam?
1 FailureDrill Another gift sack.
1 Logos_ Is this where I say it would be nice to have Patterson and Larry Warford?
1 sanbell Talking to ESPN on showering habits?
1 themurth Mop Up Yards! Watch, this is exactly what Bradford would do. The game is out of reach and then, put up some passing yards on soft coverage.
1 Freewheeler2 until the oline gets fixed he would end up the same as Bradford.
1 leadhead Only the St Louis Rams can revive Matt Cassels career
1 Eulogy I wish all LA fans...
1 FlimtotheFlam Man Davis is not even having enough time for a 3 step drop
1 RamSarge I definitely think a lot of it is on offensive coaching
1 FailureDrill Linehan-esque.
1 TheBirds this is worse than the last 2 years, that's what's scary
1 Logos_ Well c'mon dude, I'm obviously not happy.
1 Eulogy Drafting isn't an exact science,
1 BaldBilly you are wrong...
1 Ken F nicw quinn gets a sack
1 thisguy The Browns
1 J-RAD2 They,need
1 Mark Jaramillo ZERO points...
1 thisguy If I were you
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 hex706f726368 yep, this team pisses me off so much
1 Will not be defeated Sigh
1 Ken F That wasnt the victory kneel
1 LARams1968 If they are surprised then they all need to be fired.
1 hex706f726368 shaun hill is our qb
1 Barflies Remember the offseason before last when there were reports that Shotty was going to be hired away from us as a head coach?
1 sanbell And Chris Long is down, because why the f--- not!
1 Rams and Hoosiers Because we're all stupid Pollyannas
1 Lawllaby 16-0 this season. We will play sound defense and rally behind Zurlein.
1 LA Champ I guess that run first thingy is gone out the window
1 DamnChop Mad as hell, but cool as a cuke. I expected it.
1 MathB Maybe Fisher is hoping for a ''Warner'' miracle
1 thisguy This could end up
1 RamBradford08 This thread is about as depressing as I've read on TST.