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Hypothetical Monday: Rams Edition

Welp, there you have it. Week one is in the books, and it looks like it could be a loooong season. Let's have some fun with some hypotheticals. It can't hurt to dream.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

So let's say that you are the owner, president, GM, and coach for a day. You can do anything with the team that you would like...

  1. Within reason, what would you do to fix this Rams team?
  2. The owner of the Colts calls you up and says that Andrew Luck can be all yours. In exchange, you have to give up the next 4 first round picks. Do you do it?
  3. On the flip side, if you are the Colts and the Rams offered you that deal, do you take it?

Rough game yesterday. It was tough to watch. As a Chicago resident living in the city, streaming the game through my Xbox is the only way that I can watch in peace. With two minutes left and the game so far out of hand that my eyes actually hurt, my friend asked me to switch it the the Saints/Falcons feed because it was shaping up to be a great ending. I was initially appalled that he asked me to do such a thing, but it made me realize that I have some sort of disease.

Maybe it's just Rams Fever, but maybe it's something much more Rampant. I just want us to be good again. Maybe someday, guys. Maybe someday.

My initial reaction when I found out Bradford tore his ACL again. I guess I was right...

I think we should initiate a Twitter campaign for Greg Robinson to start. #StartGRobOrWeWillBreakYourLegs