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What Do You Think The Rams Record Will Be?

It's that time again. With the season now officially under way, there is only hours until the Rams kickoff/receive the ball for the first time in 2014. How will they fare for the year?

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As we all began to clear our schedules for a Sunday filled with football and the beginning of a season of mystery, one can only wonder where everyone's head is at. Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post Dispatch posted his week by week predictions (click link for full analysis of games) for the Rams' 2014 season. He has the Rams going 8-8, with some very solid wins mixed in there as well.

His predictions looks like this:

  1. Beat the Vikings 27-16
  2. Lose to the Bucs 20-17
  3. Beat the Cowboys 34-17
  4. Lose to the Eagles 30-20
  5. Beat the 49ers 23-19
  6. Lose to the Seahawks17-13
  7. Lose to the Chiefs 26-13
  8. Lose to the 49ers 23-17
  9. Beat the Cardinals 37-17
  10. Lose to the Broncos 34-28
  11. Lose to the Chargers 30-28
  12. Beat the Raiders 45-17
  13. Lose to the Redskins 26-16
  14. Beat the Cardinals 20-17
  15. Beat the Giants 31-20
  16. Lose to the Seahawks 23-16

Now, while an 8-8 record sounds exactly like another tantalizing performance, let's pay attention to the positives here. Jim is very optimistic about the Rams offense this season. By my count, the Rams would average 24.06 points per game. Sounds to me like he sees quite an improvement looming for the Rams compared to averages of 21.8 in 2013 and 18.7 in 2012.

What do you think the Rams record will be this season? How do you feel the teams offense and defense will close out the season? Where do you have the Rams finishing in the NFC West this season?

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