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St. Louis Rams: An Epiphanic Afternoon

As a fan you always want to be the most optimistic person in the room. There's is a continuous hope that your team will never be beat and and will be perfect in all facets of the game. But every so often there is always that one thought of what if....

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

I want the Rams to go out this year and kick the horse-poo out of any clueless opponent that steps onto the field with our vaunted defense and deadly, abusive, running game. With a year under their belts, Zac Stacy and Benny Cunningham are primed to combine for something in the neighborhood of 1700 yards. Two strong battering rams - no pun intended - with a nose for the endzone, they both seem to be "about dat action boss".

Last season both backs ran low and behind their pads, with quick decisive decisions, as well as flashed nice burst - to and - through the hole. Once the Rams decided to go with a run heavy approach the ball really got rolling. But "what if" the reason for the teams rushing success was due to the fact that there was a sudden switch in philosophies?

Last off-season the Rams made it very clear they wanted to spread the field and run a pass heavy approach. They stayed true to their word and did just that. But after four games - and the sudden realization that maybe they don't have enough understanding of the concept of the spread - the approach was scrapped. In comes the concept the coaches have a complete understanding of; the run heavy approach.

This new approach brought instant success, but "what if" it was just another case of catching teams off guard, as opposed to having a really good run game? The sudden change was a bit unexpected, and all the film up until that point was of a spread offense. Teams had to adjust on the fly. In the meant time the Rams were racking up yards in bunches. It also helped that they were entering a streak of facing shaky run defenses (Chicago, Indy, New Orleans). But as the season wore on, there was a noticeable struggle to move the ball on the ground (Seattle wk 17, Tampa Bay). This could be due to the fact that at this point teams had more film to develop better game plans to stop the run.

The Rams will no doubt look to ride the run into the post season, and there's not much - if any at all - intent to make passing the ball option number one. There is no doubt about it that this is one scary ass what if, but a valid one nonetheless. If the Rams run game were to struggle it could mean the end of the season. But then came the epiphany about an epiphany about an epiphany (see what I did there). The Rams have Shaun Hill. A solid substitute for the run game is the short and quick pass game. An area that Hill is known around the league to thrive in whenever he has touched the field. Though unconventional, this extension to the run game - when used correctly - can be as dangerous as anything. Just ask the 2013 Broncos. Suddenly, it feels like no matter what, the Rams are set to have an enjoyably season, and playoff hopes, remain alive....