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Vikings vs. Rams, fantasy football forecast: A good day for running backs?

Adrian Peterson and Zac Stacy, two bells cow running backs in the same game. But which one is the better fantasy play this week?

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The season is upon us ... and so is fantasy football season. Reading through the various previews and whatnot for the St. Louis Rams' season opener this Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, it's pretty much impossible to overlook the two running backs in that game: Adrian Peterson of the Vikings and Zac Stacy of the Rams. This feels like a pretty good game to start one or both of those guys.

The last time Peterson played against the Rams ... oh boy, that day's burned into my memory. He ran for 212 yards on 24 carries against the Rams in 2012, on his way to setting the mark for the second-highest total rushing yards in a season. This is a different Rams team than that one.

Over at NumberFire, they're projecting him to run for 87 yards with 0.63 touchdowns. I'm not really sure how one scores a fractional touchdown, but since it's north of 0.5, it's almost one! Their projection tacks on another 24 receiving yards. Which would be a nice little outing for your fantasy team ... but not the Rams.

Stacy isn't projected to do too bad himself. They have him at 73 yards and 0.73 touchdowns ... LOVE THOSE FRACTIONS! Stacy hasn't been used much in the passing game, as a receiver anyway, so they're giving him 12 receiving yards in this week's projection.

Obviously, both of these guys are must-starts if you have them, just because they're running backs still getting 20+ carries for their teams, an increasing rarity in the NFL these days.

Still, my best piece of fantasy advice is a simple one, learned over the years the hard way: Don't forget to set your lineup!

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