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Microsoft's Cortana Predicts Rams Victory in Season Opener

Even though the Rams don't have any human pundits in their corner, they still may have a virtual one.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, sure, of course I'd be the one to write about this. (Double?) Homer-ism aside, after predicting a near perfect 15-16 World Cup knockout matches, the team behind Cortana started predicting NFL games. So far, they've already hit 1 for 1 with the Seahawks game last night.

For week one at least, they seem to like the Rams.

Currently, they're predicting that the Rams will beat the Vikings. Going even further, they're predicting that the Rams have a pretty good shot to do it - not many games have a higher confidence (only five, with four of those being won by teams that went to the playoffs last year).

Could a virtual assistant be the key to winning? After the preseason that left Sam Bradford on the sideline for the year and the 2nd overall pick on the bench, the Rams (or their fans) might just take anything they can get.